Some Basic Marketing TIps

The Basics of Social Networking are not always basic.  
Social networking provides the meand to get more targeted traffic much easier and more effective than any old-fashioned methods. The great thing about using social networks is that you can generate a huge amount of traffic to your capture or landing pages.
The Basics of FACEBOOK Strategies:

Join groups.
After creating a dedicated Facebook account just for business, you should search for a groups  that are interested in getting what you are offering. Targeting the wrong people is a fast  way to get kicked out of a group and a HUGE WASTE of valuable time.
Trying to promote a revenue sharing site in a garage sale group (yes, I have witnessed this one)
***************************Sell yourself, not your products.*************************
Facebook is a great place to find referrals but in order to do that you must sell yourself first. Internet Marketers are always looking to build a strong reputation within their niche. Building a visible image with social media allows people to trust your offers and services and that’s a really good way to promote this business.
BRAND, BRAND, BRAND! (I'll go into this more in another post)
Be a relevant resource.
Becoming a trusted, and relevant resource is not difficult at all. Just providing your followers with helpful tools, tips that you have personally used that worked, motivational quotes, etc doesn’t take much time. The other person has done all the work, you just present it to your followers. The more you become a resource for them, the more they will refer to you to answer their questions.
Not too tough, right?
Keep your network strong. 
Make sure to keep in touch with people who converse with you, thank them for their comments, replying to their messages and comment on their statuses. You can set up 30 minutes – 1 hour a day where all you do is reply to people who have contacted you. Most people NEVER get a reply from “marketers” – so this will immediately set you apart from the everyone else  and again builds that trust in you as an authority and a resource.
Grow your network.
Social networks tend to have sort of a “snowball” effect where those on the outside want to “be in” – especially if they see your community is active and is constantly offering value to it’s members. IF you follow these basic strategies, in no time you will have hundreds if not thousands of friends on Facebook and since you are a trusted person in their eyes you will be able to market to each and every one over and over again.
Build Rapport
I can build rapport with people quickly because I chat with them based on how I think they talk from what I see on their wall posts. 
What about the voice feature in Facebook messenger?  This will help you every time!  Makes you seem like a real person!
Break the ice in a conversation by going through their wall for a minute to strike up a conversation instead of the boring "hi, how's business going?" ... if you're using that line, then it's not going to get anywhere because they will talk for hours about how amazing their product is!
People join people they like, trust, and relate to. They want a leader but also someone they are comfortable with. 
You can talk to someone for less than 15 minutes and make them feel like they have known you for 15 years. Well, maybe not quite 15 years....but you get the idea. 
This was all learned from trial and error.. once you master this skill, you'll be a network marketing pro!
Be a good listener and people will listen to you!!

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