Four Steps to Follow for Affiliate Marketing

There is a 4-step affiliate marketing strategy that
is used by most marketers to promote what they have to offer and is fairly simple to follow.

  1.  Solve your problem first.
This is a big one to discuss.  You can’t promote something if you’ve never tried it yourself first.  You MUST have bought the product or service prior to promoting it to other people.  Your prospects can sense whether or not you are being genuine so try it out for awhile, solve the problem you were looking to solve in the first place, and then move on to the second step.

2. Take Screenshots of results.
People want RESULTS.  They don’t go off of here-say.  At least, most people don’t. People also are skeptics by nature so a little proof can go a LONG way.
 3.Use a great marketing website.
By this, I mean make it simple for your prospects to WANT to get their hands on what you have.  You must create that desire that compels them into joining your opportunity!
4. Get the website in front of target market for the product. 
Now, after your website is ready,  you can get it in front of your target market!  You can do this by posting in various Facebook groups, blogging syndication groups (if you created a blog post), Facebook PPC ads, Twitter ads, etc.  There are a variety of ways to promote your product but PLEASE be very careful if you decide to promote your guide by paying for ads.  You need to have a solid understanding or format to go off of that helps you understand exactly how to create an ad; otherwise, you will rack up thousands of dollars very quickly.  

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