I can't imagine NOT staying home

There are always so many parenting debates.  Bottle vs. Breast.  Co-sleep vs. crib.  Spanking vs. time-out.  I am not writing this to debate any of that or to even sway anyone in any direction.

When my older children were little, I always knew I wanted to give them the best life ever.  A life where they never went without and always had the most trendy toy and fashionable clothes.  Nope, my kids were not going to be wearing generic.

So, I worked many, many hours.  When I wasn't working, I was pursuing advanced degrees so I could make even more money.  There lives before middle school are a blur for me.  Yes, they always had the newest ipods and big wardrobes from the coolest stores, but I was exhausted.  When we found time to go to waterparks or beaches, I just sat around barely able to move.

When they hit middle school age, I had finished my degree and got a corporate job.  I was "running the show" and felt like I could finally put the insane hours behind me.  Silly thought.

The demands of the job required at least ten hours in the office, many hours of commute and even more hours from home.  I barely slept.  I developed insomnia and an ulcer.

Now that they are older, I wish I could steal back all the moments I missed.  I realize that giving them a good life was not solely about "things" but about time and memories.

So in 2014, when I learned I was pregnant with my youngest daughter, I knew something had to change.

I am not writing this to complain about what being a working mom was like.  I actually applaud all working moms because I know how hard it is.  But now that I have experienced staying home, I will never change it. Why?

1.  I have never missed a "first"
2.  I get to comfort my little one when she is sick or scared
3.  I don't have to worry about her potentially being neglected or hurt in someone else's care
4.  I get to sleep when I want.  Come and go as I please.
5.  I get to EXPERIENCE every moment because I have TIME FREEDOM.

I have heard people try to say that being a stay-at home-mom means:

  • you are too lazy to work
  • you just sit around 
  • your kids are clingy and weird because they aren't "socializing"
  • you live off your husband
Well, my friends, let me be the first to say, none of this is true!

1.  I work my home business all day.  Although it is simple, and done from my phone, I am still WORKING!

2.  Even though I do like to watch my soap opera (guilty pleasure), I am never sitting around.  My little one, my 16 year old, and I spend most days exploring, walking, playing, and just experiencing LIFE.  

3.  My daughter is anything but clingy.  I actually believe we have loved her into bravery.  She is the most social and courageous child I have ever met.  She will walk up to anyone and give them a huge smile and "hello" followed by a hug and an choppy toddler conversation.  To be honest, I wish she was a bit more introverted sometimes:)

4.  I don't live off my husband, lol.  We both contribute to the household, but to be honest, I am actually earning more than him with my home business.  

To each his own.  I just find myself feeling joyful and blessed that I found this opportunity and it has afforded me the luxury of being home and having my life back!  Each day that I help another do the same is more rewarding than the last.  CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE


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