Increase Engagement and Win!

Here are 2 BIG engagement tips:
To find interactive posts to jump on:
I'm always looking for interactive posts and conversations to jump into. One of the ways I do this is by using the SEE FIRST feature on Facebook....
I will strategically find big players in the marketing space and instead of shooting over a friend request I will follow them, when you follow them you get the option to use the SEE FIRST feature.
This allows you to see them first in your news feed. You can only select up to 30 people to SEE FIRST but what is cool about this is if you do it strategically and choose people with a lot of engagment and interactive posts, then it becomes easy to scroll through your newsfeed and find cool conversations to jump in. Once I max out my 30 people, I then will start to favorite people so I get notifications when they post. I only do this with a select few and i do it with people whose posts are SUPER interactive!
How to get MORE engagement on your posts:
From time to time, I will scroll through my timeline and find older posts that got decent engagement on them and I will either comment or like them myself or ask one of my marketing buddies to comment and like it.
What this does is takes the post and puts it at the top of all of your facebook friend's newsfeed. It keeps the post going and allows those who didn't see it before to now see it and like and comment!
Both of these are super effective!
A lot of times it is the small things that count....
The small little gestures that make you stand out from the rest...
With that said..
Do you pay attention to whose Birthday it is on your friends list? Everyday Facebook sends you notifications telling who has a Birthday from your friends list. ..
I Iove this feature. It keeps me in the loop and allows me stand out from the rest! 
One of my biggest communication secrets? I am always plugged into someone that came before me in this industry....
A mentor, an icon, or just someone who knows a little more than I do.
It is where I get inspired. I make sure I am full each morning so I have the energy to pour into others...
It's pays off to take care of yourself FIRST, so that you have the abity to help others!
Do you use the voice feature on your messenger?
If not, you should. This personalizes the conversation and allows people to see you as more real in their world. It's an awesome little feature and adds a cool little touch to your marketing.
Hope this helps!


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