Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

I am sharing 5 Steps to help you dramatically reduce feeling overwhelmed and I hope this helps you tremendously! As entrepreneurs, we feel like we can conquer the world, am I right? Maybe not.  Maybe you are  like I was a few years ago  I was feeling confused, overwhelmed, and just freaked out about all of the things home business owners do.
I started helping network marketers build their business online awhile back and I would look at all of the professionals.  I’d say to myself, “Man, how are they able to get so much done in one day and say they only work a few hours a week?” It just didn’t seem possible.  I’ll tell you how.  They are LASER FOCUSED on the things they need to be doing to grow their business.  See, this world is  chaotic and full of stress.  We can’t seem to quiet our minds for even 30 minutes to get something accomplished.  I’ve written out these 5 steps as well as included a video for those of you who prefer to listen than read.

1.  Focus on ONE thing, then move on. 

When you are just getting started online, you sometimes  feel a tremendous burden to be everywhere at once.  Stop this!  It’s only hurting you!  If you decided to get started with Facebook and are starting to gain new followers, get leads, and prospect/close there, then why move on to something else just yet?  Wait until you have mastered that skill and then give yourself permission to move on.  When we move on too fast, we are only hurting ourselves and our business.  It’s tempting, I’ll admit.  When we watch a training on Instagram and hear that so and so had a tremendous amount of success really fast, we automatically want to jump over there to make things happen.  Save yourself the headache and just stick with Facebook until you are consistently (day in and day out) generating at a minimum of 50+ leads per day.
2.  Exercise.

This really doesn’t even need to be mentioned, but hey…some people need a reminder. I found when I started my home business, I would sit a whole lot more.  I was either sitting with the computer or sitting with my iPhone. Do you realize how important exercise is to your overall health and stress?  What if I told you that if you worked out 30 minutes per day that your stress would be gone? You’d probably start exercising, right?  Don’t put it off.  It’s just hurting your health and your business.  We need to schedule time in our day to take care of our bodies.
3.  Meditation/Spend time to yourself. 

When you take 10 minutes a day to meditate and just be present, you feel a sense of calmness and peace.  Maybe you’re not a fan of meditating, and if not, that’s completely fine.  I do want you ,however, to take a few minutes every day to spend time to yourself.  Do what you enjoy and step away from whatever is confusing or overwhelming you.  I promise, when you go back to it, you’ll feel like a million times better.
4. Do what you love. 

Why do you put ourselves through the pain of doing something you hate day in and day out?  If you’re in a network marketing company that isn’t serving YOU and you’ve just lost your passion, then it’s time to move on.  People sense when you’re not passionate about something.  Also, when you lose your passion, money starts creeping in on how you can “sell” this person.  They can sense that too, so do yourself a favor and start researching for a company you wholeheartedly believe in.  Think back to your past.  What was it that made you happy?  Was it the smell of candles when you walked in a room?  Was it feeling amazing after a workout and always wanting to help others live a healthy lifestyle?  Maybe it’s on the opposite spectrum.  For example, I was once a single mom and terrified to drive long distances with my children.  I was always afraid of getting stranded.  So, supporting a company that not only pays great, but gives me and many, many others peace of mind, was a good fit for me. So, learn your company.  Love your company, Think of why you joined and be sure you have that passion that will keep you going day in an day out.
5. Change your multitasking mindset. 

We are all conditioned to think that multitasking is a great thing; when in fact, it’s actually not!  Whoever came up with that idea is insane.  Multitasking only creates mass confusion and makes you feel overwhelmed.  How is it possible for someone to do their best job on something when they’re also working on 10 other things? Obviously, one of those things is going to be neglected. So put your best foot forward, schedule your time wisely, and focus on one thing.

I hope this helped someone today!


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