5 tips and things to avoid when Marketing on Facebook

This may come as old news to many of you, but this is for the person who is new to social media or feels that they’re just spinning their wheels.  This topic is crucial to go over because of the endless profiles I have seen lately that are just branding their company, not the individual. 

Tip #1: Cover Photo

Is your cover photo on your Facebook page branded to you or to your company?  This can mean on your personal profile or on your Facebook fan page.  Both are critical to have so look in both areas. Think about it this way; if your company goes out of business tomorrow and you just throw a new banner up for every company you decide to join, people start to not trust you.  That’s  not how you want to be viewed, right?  People do business with people they know, like, and trust; so, it’s important that people get to know YOU, not what company you’re in based on your cover photo.
Another quick tip.  Be sure you actually HAVE a cover pic!  Have you ever gotten friend requests from someone with a blank cover?  It makes their profile look weak and dull.  When you view someone’s profile, you want to have it stand out to you.  Go ahead…go view someone you admire in your industry and take a look at what their cover photo is.  Tell me it doesn’t resonate with you or stand out to you in some sort of way.  It’s a new connection’s first impression of you, so be sure you take your time to brand it to you.

Tip #2: Profile Picture

This is probably something else you’re thinking, ok…everyone knows this.  But really, not everyone does.  If you don’t have a profile picture at all, then you’re living in the dark ages. Let me ask you the same question as above. Have you ever gotten a friend request from someone with no profile picture?  I don’t accept them!  My first thoughts are always, “this profile is creepy and fake". Many accounts these days are just fake accounts and the biggest red flag is when someone has no profile picture.
Secondly, make it a picture of YOU.  Do not make it a picture of your dog or cat.  Do not make it a picture of your kids.  Do not make it a picture of your company.  This is “Face”book!  This needs to be a picture of YOU that is clear and not blurry.  It’s certainly OK to have your profile picture of you with your kids or your pet, but I want to be sure you understand that this is what people see the second you send them a friend request.  I am not saying no kid pics on your profile, but your profile pic should be only you.

In the video below I share these two tips and 3 more of  biggest mistakes that people make on their social media profile that you will want to review and if you plan on succeeding online.  Here is to success!

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