Attitude Really IS EVERYTHING!

You hear it time and again.  Attitude is everything.  And maybe in your most apprehensive or negative moments you think it can't be true.

Well folks, IT IS TRUE!

Have you ever spent a small amount of time around someone who is very anxious or angry? In only a short time, you begin to feel anxious and angry too.  Or on the other end, spent time around someone who just can't stop laughing.  Next thing you know, you are laughing too.

In business, it is the same.  If you act negatively, think negatively, or act unsuccessful, guess what happens?  People watching you feel that joining you would be a negative experience and that they wouldn't be successful either.  And trust me when I say, people can detect negativity a mile away!

So, what do you do to combat that feeling of apprehension, impatience, or feeling like you just can't do it?

It starts with affirmations.  Write these down.  Read them out loud.  Sound silly?  Try it!  It works!

Altering my behavior is as simple as changing my thoughts.
Each day I am developing new and positive habits.
I am totally and completely committed to living a life FREE of negative thoughts.
I am grateful for finally being free of my negative thoughts.
I am in utter control of all things in my life.
I am learning to overcome past negative behaviors and I am succeeding.
I am now free from all negative thoughts.
I am much stronger than any dependancy.
I am stronger than any negative behavior.
I am extraordinarily proud of my healthy lifestyle.
I am master of my emotions.

Surround yourself with and interact daily with positive people and leaders.  That positive behavior is contagious too.  

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