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Tips Tuesday!! 

This was shared in a group I'm in and I wanted to share with you but thought it might be a cool excercise in video exposure and crafting our stories for our audience!! 

How to Boost Your Attraction-Factor: #FinancialWellness

Being “attractive” is the name of the game in growing any business.

Whether a large corporation, or a one-woman-show, a blogger, etc. you won’t sell a thing if you aren’t attractive to your potential customers…right? (we know this)

Your “attraction factor” is the foundation for:
1. Building your audience, your warm market
2. Establishing yourself as an authority
3. Ultimately generating leads, sales and signups in your business

So how do you go about accomplishing this?
How do you make yourself more attractive in the market place?

All of us in this group are attractive...but no it’s not about hair and makeup or physical appearance ;-)

There’s a psychology to it and I will share with you some key elements in boosting your "Attraction Factor"

First and foremost people are looking to connect with people NOT with companies
Furthermore, people are drawn to those whom they believe share similar qualities, experiences, life-views, etc. THIS DOES NOT MEAN TO BELLY ACHE ABOUT PAST PROBLEMS.  PEOPLE JOIN LEADERS, NOT VICTIMS. 

So above all else you MUST share YOU and your STORY.  A POSITIVE STORY!
Yes you have a story ;-)
If you’re sitting there thinking, I don’t have a story
Think harder because you do!

Here’s a simple 4-part blueprint for crafting yours:

1. Your WHY – Share the reason you started your business, related experiences along the way, and the reason you’re still in it today.

2. Your challenges - everyone’s journey is filled with challenges, it’s all part of it! They are a BIG part of your journey and your challenges will resonate with many others who are experiencing the same struggles!  I am not talking about personal things like divorces but business related challenges. 

3. Your triumphs and successes – this is where you share with your audience how you overcame your challenges and successes. Share those pivotal moments and experiences that you believe have contributed to the results you’ve achieved in your business (however big or small they may be). 

4. Your value - What you have to offer that will help your audience achieve their own triumphs and successes!

TIP: Get emotional! Really let those emotions flow as you write out your story. People are more attracted to people who are genuine and transparent.

I'm thinking about doing a fun challenge in this group where we all post a video of us sharing our story for a couple reasons:

1. It will help each of us get to know each other more!

2. It will help us practice sharing our story to the world!

3. VIDEO is THE most powerful marketing strategy to be using right now and it will be a great exercise to get us out of our comfort zones!


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