Don't be afraid of the phone

Nowadays, people are addicted to their phones.  We even sleep with them!  New marketers have no problem tweeting, sending an email, texting their sponsor, or sending an instant message, but when it comes to calling prospects they often become terrified!  
I have a few tips that helped me to overcome those fears and I hope they help you too.
  1. Understand that by calling your leads/prospects, this builds trust!  Without using the phone, your prospect may not even believe you’re a real person.  Think about it.  Don’t you always feel more comfortable after talking to someone on social media and moving it to the phone?
  2. Open With a Question: When someone calls you out of the blue, don’t they always ask, “hey, how are ya?”.  If you open the conversation in this way, you will ease the prospects tension and susceptibility of why you’re calling.  This leads right into the next point.
  3. Be authentic!  Everyone loves authenticity.  If you’re not being this way on the phone, it’s probably because you’re still nervous and that’s  ok.  It may take awhile for you to warm up and start doing this regularly to be a natural.
  4. Don’t overthink it.  Start meditating and really releasing your fear of the phone even if you have to do it literally right before you make the call so that way you are relaxed and ready!  A few deep breaths can be very calming.
  5. Keep your eye on the big picture.  If you don’t do this, you will constantly talk yourself out of calling that lead.  Again, don’t overthink it.  This could be your chance to bring a new team member on or have a new customer. Don’t ever think for a second that you couldn’t change a person’s life by calling them and introducing them to something.
  6. Lastly, YOU WILL SURVIVE.  This is temporary and as long as you keep making strides to get better each and every day, you will succeed.  You’ll be so proud of yourself once you’ve overcome this challenge.  Someday you will look back and think:  "Why was I so afraid of the phone?”

  • Fight your fears and you’ll be in battle forever. Face your fears and you’ll be free forever. -Lucas Jonkman
  • We should all start to live before we get too old. Fear is stupid.  So are regrets. -Marilyn Monroe

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