Grow your Following. Grow your Business

To have a successful online business, you need to grow your following.  Here are some of my tips to do just that!

1. Create compelling and useful content: This is important when trying to generate more followers. Offer tip, advice, motivation.  Your followers need a REASON to follow you.
2. Test and learn: The best way to find out what works best is to test the market with different options. If you post a specific type of content and don't see an increase in following, test something new.
3. Engage with others. People like to engage with people that engage with them.  Take a few moments each day to comment on other's posts, tweets, and pics.
4. Offer something for free.  There are lots of freebies online.  Find a few good articles and e-books and offer them occassionally to your audience.
5. Answer questions: Create a Q&A and encourage your followers to ask questions. Interactive posts can really help.
6. Publicize your social presence: Include social media icons and links in as many places as possible. This includes your email signature, website and videos, as well as your business card, letterhead, etc.  Put your links in youtube descriptions as well.  Just be careful not to be spammy.
7. Hashtags help: Using hash tags is an effective way to amplify your voice in social media and gain additional followers. Avoid frilly and inappropriate hashtags.  Hashtags are a search tool so use frequently searched terms.
8. Try a paid approach: Do NOT buy followers, but promote your personal brand or business through sponsored posts can be a great way to give a quick boost to your tally of followers.
9. Engage with the one's who influence you: Be strategic about who you follow. Identify the top influences in your industry or area of specialization and follow or connect with them. When someone with a large following comments on or tweets about one of your posts, it can give your own account a nice boost.
10. Press some flesh: Network in the offline world as well. Get in front of your audience, customer base or prospects by attending events and asking them to check you out in social media.

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