Write a GREAT ad

Writing a good ad is a MUST HAVE skill for network marketers.  It is easy to just copy pictures from your company and spam them all over the place.  I am here to tell you that is not the way to do it.

Ads are not designed to sell.  Ads should be a way to get attention and have the audience wanting or even needing to know more.  You are drawing them in so they learn about your company through YOU!

Remember, people join people.  People are buying you more than your product or service.  

A few tips when writing an ad:

1.   The headline should be eye catching.
2.  Grammar and spelling should be checked before posting.
3.  Make the overall ad appealing by avoiding being too lengthy or too short.
4.  Use bullets and appropriate emoticons.  No flowers or smiley faces.
5.  Use ONE PIC per ad.

Check out my video for more tips and HAPPY PROSPECTING!!

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