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You lost your lead, they weren't stolen!

I hear so many new marketers thinking they had leads "stolen".  This phenomenon actually hinders many new marketers from becoming successful.  Let me explain a bit.

Let's say Nancy joins in company A.  Nancy joined her sponsor Rick because Rick is very successful and Nancy felt very comfortable and an instant trust while talking with Rick.  She felt that Rick could really help her be successful too.

Nancy dives right in and starts promoting her company.  Let's just point out that Nancy has not followed ALL the company training and has not spent any time branding herself yet.  Even so, Fred asks Nancy to tell him more about what she has to offer.  Fred listens but can senses nervousness and apprehension when talking to Nancy.  However, the company seems interesting to him.

Fred now decides he wants to look into this company more.  Fred begins to research and finds Rick.  The reason Fred found Rick is because Rick has been with the company for over a year and has brand…

Many types of prospects!

In home-based businesses and network marketing you will encounter many different types of prospects.  For this reason, it is important to fine-tune your communication style to fit each person you talk to.

Although I am a fan of copy and paste marketing because it saves time, I also encourage you to build rapport and meet each prospects needs.

In this video I talk about a few different types of prospects you will encounter and give you a few tips on how to communicate better with them.

HERE ARE A FEW MORE COMMUNICATION TIPS FOR DIFFERENT TYPES OF PROSPECTS:   The Silent Person– This person is afraid and has questions but will remain silent.  They may even be afraid to ask. Encourage this person to open up  and to let them know it’s okay to talk to you and voice concerns to you. The Analytical Person – This person wants to know every single detail about the business before they will decide to join.  Be prepared with all of this information and have things ready to send them such as videos,…

How to run a Facebook Group for Business

Running your own group on Facebook can be a great way to generate leads. Here are some of my top tips for running a Facebook Group for Business.
Decide if you want your group public or private.  This is important because you may not want random people who have nothing to do with the group’s topic to be joining your group.  If it’s private, you, as the admin will have complete control over who you allow into the group. Next, determine your group rules.  Just to forewarn you, there have been a lot of spammy posts out there that consist of porn and other sexual related things.  Be sure to specify exactly what is not allowed in your group or you could be in for some big trouble. You’ll wear yourself out before you even get started by moderating all of the posts. Introduce people as they come in.  It will help them feel welcomed and want to stay in the group. It’s your job to connect people to helpful resources or to other members of the group who may be going through similar situations. No…

Spirituality in Business? Absolutely!

As we practice leadership in all areas of our lives;  as an entrepreneur, many people like to believe there is a higher power that helps guide them.  As I sat down today, I felt a heavy burden on my heart, one that I just had to share with people who may be struggling or experiencing loss of hope.  As entrepreneurs, it can be disheartening. You can often feel discouraged or even question your decision to start. One minute business is booming, the other minute it’s down.  Now, what I want you to understand is that I incorporate spirituality into business and feel a great sense of relief and guidance when I turn to God knowing that He will never leave or forsake me; however, you  don't need my same beliefs to find comfort..  As you watch this video, just know that I shared this with my Facebook Fan Page and felt that those who know, like, and trust me should hear which scriptures I go to and how there IS hope.  I hope you consider this an insightful video that opens your eyes to the…

Follow a Formula for success in Network Marketing

With the excitement of my second network marketing e-book publishing in a few days, I thought I would touch on the same topic today.  Titled "Network Marketing: A Roadmap to Success in Business", I thought going over a few parts of a formula for success was fitting!Here are a few of those steps. #1: Personal Development Spend a portion of each day reading articles, blogposts, or books that will help you become an expert in your niche.  As you learn and learn more, you will feel more confident and this in turn will attract more people to you. Here are my top 5 personal recommendations: How Successful People Think: By, John C. MaxwellThe 7 Habits of Highly Successful People: By, Stephen R. CoveyHow to Win Friends and Influence People: By, Dale CarnegieGo Pro: By, Eric WorreFailing Forward: By, John C. MaxwellMeditation and/or prayer Taking a little time each day to really self-reflect will help with your focus and decrease stress.  Whether it is prayer or mediation or just a lit…

Why you MUST do videos in your business

Making videos is truly imperative to your brand and business.

I hear team members and marketers give many reasons why they don't want to make a video.

1.  I don't know what to say.

Well you are in a business.  Talk about that!  Talk about anything at all.  People will connect with you better if they see your face and hear your voice.

Make a few practice videos.  Write down what you want to say and read it a few times before you shoot the video.

2.  No one will watch.

Um, not true.  People are curious by nature.  If they see a video (rather than a picture) they are more apt to stop and check it out.

3.  People will judge me.

The person that judges you the most is YOU!.  Trust me on this fact.  You may think you need to lose a few pounds or need a better haircut, but that isn't why your audience tuned in to begin with.  Put a catch title with your video and THAT will be what they are tuning in to see.

STOP caring what other people THINK of you

A key to success is learning to let go an not let negative things bother you.  I have spoken often on mindset.  This is along the same lines. Before I start, let me tell you a bit of my background story. I grew up almost like the shy, insecure, paranoid girl who was scared of every move I made. I was always  worrying that someone was going to think poorly of me and talk about me behind my back.  It’s not a pleasant situation and a lot of people growing up have been there before.  Adolescence is a tricky developmental stage in life and we all know how mean girls can be!  I will say that I pride myself on deeply and genuinely caring about others, but before I learned to let go, that just led to being taken advantage of. Luckily, I know better now…but growing up, I never knew how to speak up for myself which eventually lead to a lot of other problems during my adolescence. I woke up one morning and said that’s it.  I’m done doing this.  It’s destroying my emotional health, my mental hea…

Fake proof pictures. How they are made and why you SHOULDN'T do it!

As a seasoned network marketer, I have seen it all.  It may even be controversial that I am showing this at all.

I have several reasons for sharing this:

1.  I am very against unethical practices and want people to know it is out there.
2.  I am hoping this will be shared to educate the public so they can ask for and recognize REAL proof and pictures.

Go ahead and show them PROOF

There is such a debate in the marketing community about whether or not to show proof of income.  Some people claim it is "bad marketing" to show money or account balances.
I personally think it is fine to show as long as it is not a violation of your company policy.  
People are skeptical by nature.  People don't easily trust other people anymore.  Often, showing proof of a payday or the cash that you obtained from your hard work, can be all a prospect needs to see to trust that what you are doing works.
Why show proof?
1.  Prospects will know you are REALLY earning. 2.  Prospects will see that you are having success. 3.  Prospects will see that THEY could be having success as well.
So my advice?  Check your company policy and if it is ok:  Snap a pic, shoot a video, show them IT WORKS!
Check out this video that is a great example of income proof.

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Engagement on Facebook is, to me, defined as a share or a comment. Today, I want to give you a few tips that I find useful to increase your engagement with your fans, friends, and followers. 1. Problems and solutions Here are a few posts I found that truly get your audience engaged.  This shows your audience that you are a problem solver. This will help them to gain trust in you and therefore be more apt to do business with you. Here are some examples: A tip to clean your makeup brushes: Soak them in vinegar and hot waterA tip to save a wet cell phone: Leave it in rice to absorb the moistureA tip to get kids to wash their hands: Put Lego pieces in their soap dispenser to make it more appealing
2. Caption this This is fun and simple post that is 90% visual and 10% text. The only thing you write “Caption this!”. These work best with funny pictures so be creative.
Here is an example from Walmart:
3. Fill in the blank.  This type of post gets people thinking.  This is great for fan page eng…