Go ahead and show them PROOF

There is such a debate in the marketing community about whether or not to show proof of income.  Some people claim it is "bad marketing" to show money or account balances.

I personally think it is fine to show as long as it is not a violation of your company policy.  

People are skeptical by nature.  People don't easily trust other people anymore.  Often, showing proof of a payday or the cash that you obtained from your hard work, can be all a prospect needs to see to trust that what you are doing works.

Why show proof?

1.  Prospects will know you are REALLY earning.
2.  Prospects will see that you are having success.
3.  Prospects will see that THEY could be having success as well.

So my advice?  Check your company policy and if it is ok:  Snap a pic, shoot a video, show them IT WORKS!

Check out this video that is a great example of income proof.

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