How to run a Facebook Group for Business

Running your own group on Facebook can be a great way to generate leads.
Here are some of my top tips for running a Facebook Group for Business.

Decide if you want your group public or private.  This is important because you may not want random people who have nothing to do with the group’s topic to be joining your group.  If it’s private, you, as the admin will have complete control over who you allow into the group.
Next, determine your group rules.  Just to forewarn you, there have been a lot of spammy posts out there that consist of porn and other sexual related things.  Be sure to specify exactly what is not allowed in your group or you could be in for some big trouble. You’ll wear yourself out before you even get started by moderating all of the posts.
Introduce people as they come in.  It will help them feel welcomed and want to stay in the group. It’s your job to connect people to helpful resources or to other members of the group who may be going through similar situations.
Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s discuss how to work the group.  Please don’t assume that this is how every group should be run.  Each group has their own way of doing things, so keep an open mind.
Don’t add people without their consent
If you want to have an engaging group and not make people angry at you, then I highly suggest you ask people before adding them into your group.  Although you may “think” they’d love to be in the group, always ask.  They’ll appreciate you much more for it.  
Remain Consistent.
People need to know that you, as the admin, are going to consistently post day in and day out.  If this is too much responsibility for you, then find someone who can become another admin as a backup. Most people are more than willing to help you out.  I post everyday approximately 3-4 times per day.  
Reach out and get to know the members. 
You brought them into your group for a reason, correct? So why not engage in a private Facebook message getting to know them, what their goals are, and how you might be able to help them.  
Bring it to the phone. 
If you feel like the member can talk to you naturally, then why not bring the conversation to the phone?  This way, you can help them even more by offering resources and tips that they would feel useful for them AND see if they would be open to working with you or doing business of some sort with you.
And that’s it!  This is my exact blueprint to how I run successful Facebook groups and now you will be able to do the same.  Just be natural in your conversations.  Be someone people can relate to, not just someone random behind a computer.  In business, it’s all about cultivating relationships that are built upon trust and rapport.  So start getting your members to know, like, and trust you. Before you know it, you’ll be rocking your business like a superstar!

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