Many types of prospects!

In home-based businesses and network marketing you will encounter many different types of prospects.  For this reason, it is important to fine-tune your communication style to fit each person you talk to.

Although I am a fan of copy and paste marketing because it saves time, I also encourage you to build rapport and meet each prospects needs.

In this video I talk about a few different types of prospects you will encounter and give you a few tips on how to communicate better with them.

The Silent Person– This person is afraid and has questions but will remain silent.  They may even be afraid to ask. Encourage this person to open up  and to let them know it’s okay to talk to you and voice concerns to you.
The Analytical Person – This person wants to know every single detail about the business before they will decide to join.  Be prepared with all of this information and have things ready to send them such as videos, pdfs, or websites. 
The Technical Person– This person wants to know exactly how they will need to run the business.  Be prepared and let them know what a typical day is like for you.  This gives them reassurance and will make them feel it is possible to do.
The Shopper – This person is only concerned with the expenses of the business.  They don't want to be overloaded with a lot of information so just give them the facts.
The Hostile Person – We all come across this person from time to time.  They may have failed at an online business before so they seem very angry.  Just stay upbeat and remember to move on if they continue to be hostile. 
The Closed-Minded Guy– This person doesn't want to negotiate or even chat too much.  I usually just tell them to check out the info I sent because it doesn't cost a thing to take a look.
The Procrastinator – This person is terrified of failing so, even though interested, they continue to have excuses.  Build good rapport and flood this person with success stories.

The Image Conscious Person– This person is worried about what family or friends will think of them is they are promoting something online.  Again, success stories help this person feel at ease.  Also, share a bit about attraction marketing with them.

I’m in the action business, God is in the results business.

I’m in the action business, God is in the results business.  There are some things I can control, and some things I can’t.   What...