Why you MUST do videos in your business

Making videos is truly imperative to your brand and business.

I hear team members and marketers give many reasons why they don't want to make a video.

1.  I don't know what to say.

Well you are in a business.  Talk about that!  Talk about anything at all.  People will connect with you better if they see your face and hear your voice.

Make a few practice videos.  Write down what you want to say and read it a few times before you shoot the video.

2.  No one will watch.

Um, not true.  People are curious by nature.  If they see a video (rather than a picture) they are more apt to stop and check it out.

3.  People will judge me.

The person that judges you the most is YOU!.  Trust me on this fact.  You may think you need to lose a few pounds or need a better haircut, but that isn't why your audience tuned in to begin with.  Put a catch title with your video and THAT will be what they are tuning in to see.

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