You lost your lead, they weren't stolen!

I hear so many new marketers thinking they had leads "stolen".  This phenomenon actually hinders many new marketers from becoming successful.  Let me explain a bit.

Let's say Nancy joins in company A.  Nancy joined her sponsor Rick because Rick is very successful and Nancy felt very comfortable and an instant trust while talking with Rick.  She felt that Rick could really help her be successful too.

Nancy dives right in and starts promoting her company.  Let's just point out that Nancy has not followed ALL the company training and has not spent any time branding herself yet.  Even so, Fred asks Nancy to tell him more about what she has to offer.  Fred listens but can senses nervousness and apprehension when talking to Nancy.  However, the company seems interesting to him.

Fred now decides he wants to look into this company more.  Fred begins to research and finds Rick.  The reason Fred found Rick is because Rick has been with the company for over a year and has branded himself as a leader and coach.  When Fred reaches out to Rick he feels instantly at ease and joins Rick. Sounds like how Nancy felt when she joined Rick too, right?

Anyway, Nancy sees Rick welcome Fred and immediately thinks Rick "stole her lead".  What really happened is Nancy LOST her lead and her lead FOUND his way to Rick.

Watch this video for more examples and information on this:

I hope this shed some light on this touchy subject for you.  If you are interested in learning more about branding yourself and being successful, click the NEED HELP tab at the top of this blog.

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