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Don't Play the Blame Game

Don't Play the Blame Game

So often in life, people want to point the finger at anyone or anything else.  When someone fails, they sometimes find it easier to blame someone else.

ACCEPT PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY and watch how quickly things improve! (Trust me on this)

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The Life of an Entrepreneur

Many things are not equal, but we all get the same 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We make time for what we truly want. If you want anything bad enough its yours, all you need to do is believe.

This week has been incredible for me! I have learned so many amazing things from so many incredible different people from all over the world. It is amazing speaking to people who inspire me to further myself.

As an entrepreneur you never truly stop learning. That is one of the most exciting things about it! When I learn something new, I can see all the doors of opportunity opening before me and it is one of the most exciting feelings to experience.

You don't have to be famous, popular, rich, funny, etc. to become successful. You just need to be Positive, Consistent, and You can NEVER give up. Giving up is the one way that you fail. Some people are not willing to put in the energy but then cant understand why they are struggling to afford the things they need or live the lifestyle that they so badly want. If You want anything bad enough never give up, when you fall down get back up and learn from your mistakes. People who are successful make many mistakes but they learn from them and find out what works by doing things wrong and correcting themselves. The more mistakes you make, the more intelligent you get and the more you are educated on how to do things the correct way. 

"Quitters Never Win and Winners Never quit."
This will always be one of my favorite quotes.

****TIP OF THE DAY****
Value= money in Your Bank account!

The more you give to the world, the more the world will give back to you. Don't focus on "you" and what you want, start thinking about how you can help those around you achieve what they need and want and you will see many doors open. Learn and Spread your Knowledge.

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Want to Be More Productive?

Are you preventing yourself from being more productive when working from home
Through trial and error I’ve discovered ways to curb my natural tendencies and be more productive.

Working from home can be fantastic for the potential flexibility and increased productivity it provides.
But these benefits have challenges attached.
Over the last few years I’ve read countless articles on how to Successfully Manage My Time with Working and Family time.

Here are some Ideas that have worked for me that you Can Try:

1. Plan The Right Kinds Of Tasks

The first mistake I corrected was in planning the right kinds of tasks during my remote working days.
I’m at my most productive at home when I have big tasks which require dedicated, distraction-free concentration.
Such as:
  • Writing blog posts
  • Building presentations
  • Advertising 
  • Video editing
Spend some time determining which tasks you produce the best results from working from home.

2. Know When You Work Best

When do you get your best work done?
For me it’s between 10:30 am and 1 pm. Then again from 9 pm to 1 am.
If I begin my day by reading through emails, I use up some of my most valuable minutes on energy sapping tasks which take me no closer towards completing my goals.
Instead, I make sure that the first thing I do is the day’s most important task on my to-do list.
Do yourself a favor by matching tasks to your natural rhythm.

3. Create A Space To Work In

Where do you set up to work for the day? Some people like to keep several options open, finding that the variation inspires productivity.
For me, I discovered that I needed one ‘home office’ desk set up, where I could consistently settle in for the day. (In fact – I work best from a standing desk. But that’s a whole other blog post)
The working environment you create for yourself plays a large role in your ability to be effective.
Consider these things:
  • Do you like working in a bright environment?
  • Would background music/noise detract or add to your productivity?
  • Does a dedicated work space work better for you?
  • Do you work better in a clear space, or organized chaos?

4. Maintain Your Morning Routine

When you’re heading into the office, what does your morning routine look like?
I made the oversight when working from home of sleeping in a little longer, wearing casual clothes, and skipping breakfast in favor of starting my working day as soon as possible.
Big mistake.
My advice:
  • Keep closely to the same routine as you would when going to the office
  • Wear work-appropriate clothes instead of sweatpants and a t-shirt
  • Use the time saved non-commuting to do something you enjoy. Go for a walk, hit the gym etc.
  • Start your working day at the usual time

5. Take Regular Breaks

Without colleagues to shoot the breeze with at the watercooler, it’s easy to ignore or forget the importance of taking breaks.
The Pomodoro technique was a breakthrough for me. It forces you to take a breather for 5 minutes after 25 minutes of intense work. 
Having to complete a section of work within 25 minutes really helps me focus on the task at hand. And 5 minutes away is enough to re-charge ready for the next stint.
I learned to combine that with disciplining myself to take a full hour-long lunch break to create a killer daily routine. Keeping me motivated throughout the day.

6. Do Everything You Can To Minimize Distractions

Sometimes the universe seems to work against you. Throwing a barrage of distractions at you throughout the day, through no fault of your own.
That being said, there are some ways to mitigate against these distractions.
  • Reduce the effect of ambient noise by wearing noise cancelling headphones
  • Replace fluctuating external noise with white noise
  • Keep your phone out of sight and earshot. Even if you don’t interact with it, a phone buzzing all day can pull you out of a productive streak
  • Close all but essential tabs in your internet browser. 
  • Check email periodically, instead of constantly dipping in and out

7. Keep To A Regular Working Pattern

I know that the advice here is easier said than done. But once you put it all together you can build a bulletproof structure.

Bonus Tip: Communicate Regularly And Well

Most importantly of all – take steps to avoid isolation when working from home.
This is especially important if you ever work remotely for more than one day at a time.
Loneliness is a productivity killer.
Thankfully, it’s easier than ever to stay in touch no matter where you are in the world. Virtual teams are becoming a core part of working life.
Online Meetings, calls, document sharing and collaboration – there are a number of ways to be an effective team member remotely.

Key Takeaways

I hope you’ve found this useful, and that there are one or two news things you’re thinking of testing yourself.
To summarize:
  1. Plan the right kinds of tasks
  2. Work at a time that suits you best
  3. Find a space to work in that boosts your productivity
  4. Keep close to your regular morning routine
  5. Remember to take short breaks throughout the day
  6. Minimize distractions
  7. Develop your own working pattern
  8. Communicate and collaborate remotely


Life gets better When you CHOOSE better.

Day in and day out I see and hear so many people complaining about their lives.  When describing their day or their job they use words like: exhausted, frustrated, terrified, hopeless, broke.

My question is, why accept that?  Never let fear or complacency dictate your future.  You don't need to be like anyone else to make the decision to better your life.

Watch today's video that talks all about this subject.  Contact me if you are ready for a change!

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Make Money Online

To make money online
It's always about having the right formula
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Why Are People Skeptical? Because of LIARS!

Why Are People Skeptical? Because of LIARS!

In today's post, I talked about the importance of honesty and why dishonesty has led to a world of skeptics.

Not only is being honest in business ethical, it is also, mandated by law!

Check out my thoughts:

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Attraction Marketing Tips

One of the best ways to get people to work with you online, is by attracting them to you. There are simple attraction marketing strategies you can implement online to attract more people who would love to be in your team.
There are no “attraction marketing secrets” or MLM attraction marketing secrets”, there is just the right and wrong knowledge. There is always a right and wrong way to everything in life. Remember that!
When it comes to marketing online and building teams, there are ways to make people come to you, instead of you chasing after them. The concepts are very simple, but the action you need to take, and the consistency that comes with it, is what most people find as a ‘challenge’.
‘challenge’ that can be accomplished, everyone can win here. But for some reason only a few will persevere with the process and end up manifesting their goals. If you only took this VERY seriously, then you can help yourself and become very successful online.
And if you are still looking for ‘attraction marketing secrets’, then I’ll just call these attraction marketing tips“Attraction Marketing Secrets Revealed!” – to help you learn better!! .. LOL 😀

Attraction Marketing Techniques

6 Tips to Help You Do It Right!

1 – Grow Daily

It is very important that you keep on learning new things every day, and as often as possible. If you want to become a very successful person in life, knowledge is what will take you there. The right knowledge, of course.
If you want to become a successful person, then you have to learn from the successful people. There are no secrets to success, only the lack of taking action with the right information.
I’ve learned a lot from and about successful people. You can clearly tell the difference between someone who knows how to become successful and someone who does not.
You need to learn exactly what it is that separates these two type of people in this world. There are books, videos, trainings, and even audios, you can study and learn from on this subject.
The successful people grow their knowledge daily or as often as possible.
You need to stop looking for a lottery ticket here, and just do the necessary work to become a successful individual. Stop being lazy and just learn, do, and become the best person you can ever become, each and every day!
Today, try your best to become a better person than yesterday!
This is what I personally do every day; I watch motivational videos, I listen to informational audios, I research things and different topics I want to learn more about, I read self-development books for a little bit, and then I try to teach all of my new knowledge to others immediately.
Doing this, as often as possible, will help you grow your knowledge tremendously. You just need to be very consistent with what you need to do.
Grow daily, take action daily, teach others daily, and make money online. 😉

2 – Take Massive Action

As soon as you learn something new, implement it!
If you want to make what you just learned, worth it, then you need to take action immediately, and apply the information learned.
There is nothing better than taking massive action with an internet marketing strategy, and getting massive results. If you really take this very seriously, and you really take productive action, you are bound to find yourself getting the results you want to get online.
By now you should be able to realize, that the most successful people in this world, are those who did what most would not do, and that is why they can have what most people can’t. Those who worked VERY HARD to get what they want in life, will always end up a winner!
You have to do what others won’t, so you can have what others don’t!
There is no point on learning new things, if you are not going to do anything with the new information. Just do it!

3 – Grow your Network

Now that you are consistently growing your knowledge and becoming a better person every day, it is time to show it to the world.
This is where Internet Marketing Strategies come in handy. You want to promote yourself and grow your online network.
You need to build up an online following.
Social Networks, like Facebook.com, are a great place to grow a network of like-minded people, very fast. You just need to learn how to do it the right way, as with everything else, right!
I personally like to use Facebook to grow a network and following with. Facebook is a great place to implement these Attraction Marketing Tips
Learn how to grow your Social Networks by the masses, and just be very consistent with that. Get out there and don’t be really shy about connecting with others. The best way to grow your Facebook Network, for example, is by being all over the place.
You want to keep on Liking, Commenting, and engaging with other people on Facebook. This is the best way to become “Facebook Famous”.
Be very social in the social networks and make legitimate connections with a lot of people every day. This will be a process, so you want to add things up. Don’t expect your networks to explode over night.
Just do the necessary work daily, and make lots of new friends online.
If you are very consistent on Facebook, you can start building up a big following online…..and get many Likes & Comments on your posts!…

4 – Lead with Value
This is why you should be learning new knowledge every day or every week. So you can lead with Value while you are growing your Social Networks Online.
People tend to follow those who are sharing very valuable things. People who have problems, will follow those who have the potential to solve those problems.
When it comes to building a team online or making money online, it will be a lot easier to do it when others are coming to you for help and information. Now that you know this, how do you think you will become that one person who everybody wants to learn from? ..
You grow daily!!
And then lead others with your value. Is a simple concept that if applied the right way, it has a lot of power to attract others in your niche.
This is how you become a person everyone would like to work with online. You probably now see how everything I talked about previously is coming together.
You grow daily, because you need more value to lead others online. If you didn’t care too much about learning new things very often, how do you expect to keep leading others with value? ..
When you are on Facebook, you want to others with valuable posts, and just never be afraid to be yourself. People love to see things that can change their life, and help them in their online journey, from a normal person.
Share inspirational and valuable content, and motivate people with knowledge that can change their life.
I’m sure you have heard that you need to lead by example online, and growing daily, self-improving to become the best person you can be, is leading by example!

5 – Become an Expert & a Leader

If you really follow all of the information I’m sharing with you today, with time you will become an expert in your field and a leader in life.
This is where attraction marketing starts to work like magic.
When you are at this level, you become a very knowledgeable person, an inspirational individual, and a great leader online. This is where people start to come to you naturally, and ask to work with you.
You need to become the best leader you can ever become!
Learn exactly what you need to do to accomplish the best.
Today, you have learned a lot of that knowledge, so you can now become an expert and a leader online. How much longer are you going to wait to get it done??!! .. 😀
Put everything together the right way, get out there, and make it happen. Become the leader you would want to follow and have in your life. Become that expert you would love to learn from!
Plain and simple.

6 – Keep Marching Forward

No matter what happens through your journey online, you need to keep on moving forward. People can tell when you are not.
When you become very confident in what you are doing to change your life, and accomplish your goals online, people can smell that from miles away. And guess what; people love to work with an individual like that!
Wouldn’t you want to work with a leader who is always marching forward, no matter what happens to him!!?
People who seem very confident in what they do, and just do the right things (the things you are learning on this post) very consistently, are the people who are actually succeeding and being followed the most. Think about it.
You can tell when someone is stuck online, and is not doing anything to keep on moving forward, regardless of all the failures. Don’t be that person and just keep moving forward, even when you fail miserably.
Your passion to keep on going forward, is what will make you a very successful person in life.
“Is not about how hard you hit, is about how hard you can get hit and keep going, how much you can take and keep moving forward! … that’s how winning is done!! ..”

I’m in the action business, God is in the results business.

I’m in the action business, God is in the results business.  There are some things I can control, and some things I can’t.   What...