Why People Want To See Proof

As long as I have been doing home-based businesses, people have always wanted to see proof.  People are skeptics by nature and leery by nature.  They may ask for proof that a system or product works.   A great example is weight loss products.  People want to see before and after pictures to make sure the product does what it says it is going to.

But more often, people ask for income proof.  This is a touchy subject as some companies completely forbid it.  It is also important to note that income proof doesn't mean typical results.  Following specific training and putting in the work is what gets the results.  So proper wording with income proof is KEY.

Here is my latest income proof for Enviralizer. Note that I am not saying everyone will make the same.  What I do tell my prospects, however, is they can see great results like mine if they follow my training.  Check it out!

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