Social Media Marketing Strategy

If you don’t have a social media strategy for your business then you are just flying by the seat of your pants.  Are you sitting around and wondering why you don’t have any followers?  No people interacting on your stuff.  If you lack a social media strategy, then you are probably struggling with these things.

Create “Smart” Social Media Goals

Define what your clear goals are.  Align your goals with your core business values.  Start writing down your goals.  Make them specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time based.  For example, one of your goals might be to increase your brand awareness in a key market.  Another example, convert 30% of your prospects into sales through social media. 

Audit Your Social Media

Conduct an audit of your social media account.  This will give you an understanding  of your current use.  You want to know what works for your audience.  Are you providing the right content for your audience, who is connecting with you? Check out the competition and see what they are doing.
Get to know what your customer’s wants and needs are.  Invite them to complete a quick survey to understand what areas they are struggling.  You want to figure out what their preferred content is.

Content Strategy

Now that you have did your research and solidified your goals you should know have an understanding of what your target audience wants.  Schedule your content ahead of time to help keep you on track.  You can map out your social media goals, audience and campaigns by the week or if you are real energetic and focused you can map out for the whole month.

Track Your Success

You can’t manage what you can’t track.  Check your analytics from time to time to see how your campaign or content is performing.  Facebook has great analytic tracking that you can use as well as Hootsuite.  Google Analytics shows you who is viewing and engaging with your web pages. Match your analytics with your goals so you can stay on track.

Adjust Your Strategy

Once you figure out what your audience likes you can start to adjust your social media strategy accordingly.  Re-purpose your content based on your analysis.  Update goals as you reach them.  Adjusting your strategy should be an ongoing process. 
Hope these tips help you to keep organized and stay on track.
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