Do not Join My Daily Choice or Hempworx! Look At This First!

I was recently promoting the company My Daily Choice / Hempworx.  I was using the Trim365 spray from My Daily Choice and the CBD oil and CBD infused creams from Hempworx.

After using the Trim365 spray, I developed a 3 month long UTI that resulted in a kidney cyst.  I had to follow up with a urologist and nephrologist to find out the spray was the cause.

After using their CBD creams (from Hempworx) I developed a severe cystic type rash on my face.

I am a woman in my forties who has always had clear skin.  So after sharing these negative results with a few people, the CEO of the company decided to withhold my commissions. (They owe me over $500)

On top of that they did not refund any of my money and offered no condolences for such severe reactions.  I went live on Facebook to talk about this.  Check it out below.

After going LIVE, my inbox flooded with many people who also were either bullied by the owner's wife, Jenna, or not paid by the company, or had horrible reactions to the products.  Here are some of the complaints I got!

I received many more.  Please be very careful if you choose to do any business with this company.

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