Why You Need To Stick With Just This One Business!

I see so many people join DPS or At Home Typists Inc and then quickly start promoting other things.  This is a HUGE mistake.  Do you want to know why?  

1. It makes you look unsuccessful

If one of your prospects knows that you are involved in three or four businesses then they will probably be curious as to why.

After all, if you were successful, why would you need to be involved in so many opportunities?

Being involved in too many businesses could give the appearance that you are not very good at it, or that you are incapable of generating enough money  with just one opportunity. In other words, it makes you look like someone  that cannot be trusted.

2. It divides your passion and time

Running a successful business takes passion and time.

If yours is divided over three or four businesses then how can you expect to dedicate the time and passion it takes for each one to be a success?

The more likely scenario is that you do not have the time or passion to give to each business, which will probably cause them all to fail.

3. You could lose prospects by sending mixed signals

If you have a potential prospect that is interested in an opportunity and you try to push them into something else, you could lose them.

When running multiple businesses it is very difficult not to have a favorite, but perhaps your favorite does not appeal to one of your prospects.

You will be sending mixed signals that could cause you to lose prospects.

4. Your downline will do the same to you

If you are working at three different companies then what is to stop your downline from doing the same?

You want people in your downline that are motivated and focused on your business, but you can hardly blame them for seeking out multiple opportunities if you are doing the same thing.

By showing dedication to one business your downline will see that you are loyal and will, in turn, show more loyalty to you.

5. You will appear disloyal to your upline

Just as you can send the wrong message to your downline, you can also send the wrong message to your upline.

The people “above” you in your business will probably not be too happy when they find out that you are dividing your time and focus between multiple opportunities.

In order for your upline to know you are loyal, you need to concentrate on one opportunity.

In closing…

Joining more than one opportunity at the same time is simply a bad idea. It will not only divide your time and passion but could send the wrong message to your downline, prospects and upline.


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