God Never Loves You Less

We’ve all heard the ominous warning, “God’s watching you.”
Maybe that’s true, but not in the way you were taught.

 God really can’t take His eyes off of you – He loves you that much. You’re precious to Him.

God never loves you less.
God doesn’t love you as you should be, could be, ought to be.
God just loves you as you are.
For us, it is easier to focus on rules, to focus on “earning” God’s love.

But God sees in you a reflection of His own Love. A reflection that’s different than anyone else who’s ever lived.

When we look at our reflection, we see the blemishes –
All the things we aren’t.
That’s not what God sees!
He can see the blemishes, too, But that’s not what He focuses on.
He sees his beautiful child that He loves.

So today, if for a moment you feel a bit unworthy, pause, and remember, you are so, so worthy to the one who created you <3

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