Thanking God

• Thank, God, for what He has done for you. Don't wait to see the results  you want or to receive rewards you'd like. Start thanking Him right now😍

• Don't wait until you feel better or until things look better. Start thanking Him right now😍

• Don't wait until people say they are sorry or until they stop doing what they’re doing. Start thanking Him right now😍

• Don't wait until the pain your body disappears. Start thanking Him right now😍

• Don't wait until your financial situation is better. Start thanking Him right now😍

• Don't wait until your world is quiet and peaceful. Start thanking Him right now😍

• Don't  wait until you get the job you want or the promotion you'd like.Start thanking Him right now😍

• Don't wait until you understand every situation and experience in your life that has caused your pain or grief. Start thanking Him right now😍
• Don't wait until the journey gets easier or the challenges are removed. Start thanking Him right now😍

• Thank Him because you are alive.

• Thank Him because you made it through another day.

• Thank Him because you have walked around difficult obstacles.

• Thank Him because  you have the ability and the opportunity to do more and to do better.

• Thank Him  because He has never given up on you.

God is so good – in so many ways – all the time.

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  1. One of my students is gravely ill and this belief is what has kept me. I'm thanking him now for the miracle he will provide and the peace he's giving her family as they deal with this incredibly difficult time.

  2. This is great and certainly makes sense. Being thankful is an amazing mindset to have.



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