Your harvest is coming if your remain faithful

People are in different seasons of life.
Some have sown and are now reaping.
Some are now sowing.
Others, too, are taking care of what has already been sown.

The desert is a hard place to be, but after you have gone through it, there is rain. Don't be jealous when you see someone reap of the good labor they have done and God is blessing them.  They have gone through the desert already. 

And because God alone knows the motive of our hearts, HE ALONE is the Rewarder of all mankind. 

Maybe you are in a season of sowing.  Don't worry or give up.  Keep sowing. Maybe you are in a season of reaping of your good labor.  That too is good. And maybe you are in a season of caring for what has been sown. Don't stop, your harvest is coming. In due time: fatness/blessings/increase will be your portion. And remember this: after the desert comes the RAIN!


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