Luke 8:39 "Return to your home and declare how much God has done for you" And he went away proclaiming throughout the whole city how much Jesus had done for him.

Here is my video testimony of how through Christ Alone, I am here and changed!

other fun facts about me?

favorites things:

*crocheting beanie hats
*coffee by the lake on warm summer mornings
*watching birds at my bird feeder before anyone is awake at my house
*the  conversations I have with my daughter and grandkids when they are so serious
*blessing others

my kids:

I have four adult daughters.  All are married to wonderful men.  By God's grace, they have blessed me with many beautiful grandchildren.  They have challenged me and helped me to grow into the woman I am today.  

my husband:

My husband is my greatest support.  He works full time but never is unavailable for anything I need.  He has seen me through every high and low.  He likes to woodwork, hike, camp, fish, and is the greatest guy I know.  



  1. I came back to Jesus 3 years ago, and began reading the Bible and watching a lot of Christian TV. I use the gift of supernatural healing prayer, and with positive results...read on.
    I am the grandma of 5,(inc 1 in Heaven) and proud mama of 2 daughters, both born on my anniversary, 3 years apart. Birthdays have always been celebrated together, and they even got married in a double ceremony, 4 days after their birthday in 2014.

    I am going to share a recent miracle and a supernatural healing. For privacy, I will call my daughters #1 and #2.
    Both girls are hard-working individuals, with their heads screwed on right. #1 has a home daycare, and cares for a lot of children (some with special needs) whose parents who are unable to pay for current daycare costs. The state pays her to provide her service.
    #2 works in a warehouse, 8 to 12 hours per day.
    I will share 2 testimonials with you, one, a miracle, the other, a supernatural healing.

    The Miracle
    During the year before her wedding, #2 became pregnant. She was ecstatic, having watched her sister have 3 babies, and she wanted one very badly. A few months into the pregnancy, she suffered severe pain, and found she had an ectopic pregnancy. She had to undergo emergency surgery to have the ovary and tube taken out, thereby losing the baby. She still grieves for this child, and always will.
    So now, she only has reproductive ability on one side, which causes the chance to become pregnant only every other month. I told her to trust God, and that maybe she would become pregnant after she was married. God gave her a new pregnancy during the first month she was married! She had a baby girl with no issues at all. This was good, but wait, 3 years later, she is expecting a baby boy very soon! And, she told me later, they had only engaged in reproductive activities once during her cycle!

    The Healing Prayer
    Two months before her 33rd birthday, #1 went to the ER, thinking she had walking pneumonia, an illness she had had before. She only went in due to a lot of pain while trying to breathe. After tests, she was told she had a mass, a benign or cancerous growth that formed in in her chest, from just inside her sternum going all the way back to her spine, with finger-like strands wrapping around her heart and lungs. She returned the next day for a biopsy, which confirmed cancer. She was quickly set up to begin a chemotherapy and radiation regimen, lasting 5 months. When she called me with the news, the night before the biopsy, I helped her accept Jesus. We said a healing prayer together and I had her repeat it as often as possible, as would I.
    I can't remember everything I told God, but I let him know that she would be direly missed by her family and those who depended on her for the care of their children, and that #2 would have unhappy birthdays and wedding anniversaries for the rest of her life. I stated that she was needed more here right now!
    She then returned the following week for her initial chemo treatment, and would wait 3 weeks for the next one. They would do a new scan to check the progress halfway through her treatments. She was advised that if her temperature went above 100.5, to come back and be checked out immediately. A week or so after her second treatment, she found that her temperature was 100.8, so she went back. A new scan was taken, showing no sign of the mass at all! Her doctor told her it was a miracle, the mass was completely gone!
    A few weeks later, she celebrated her 33rd birthday, and she will have many more. We are very happy that she was delivered from cancer so quickly! Praise God and all who sent prayers up for her! She would continue the chemo treatments and be checked regularly to make sure it doesn't come back.

    Can you see God's work in these 2 stories?
    (written in 2018)

    1. Thank you so much for sharing! Very powerful!!



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