22 tips for a better life

Here are 22 different things that will improve your overall life.  Better life.  Better business.  Better you. 
1.  Think positive.  Negativity can drag you down and consume you.  Mindset is the foundation of all success!  Take a moment each day to read or watch something motivational.  Start your day with this over a cup of coffee.   Shake off all the negative thoughts and attack your day with a smile and an "I got this!" attitude.  
2.  Drink more water.  Sounds simple?  This rejuvenates you and will help you have the energy you need to attack your goals head on!  A rule of thumb for this tip?  You can get in eight glasses of water if you always have a bottle of water with you.  Whether it is at your desk, in your car, or watching television, keep it with you and you won't have any problem drinking enough.
3.  Wake up early.  Your body is truly designed for this.  I am up hours before my family everyday. It is the most productive part of my life. From 6 AM to 8 AM each day, I am able to blog, follow up with clients, and even shoot a video.  If you are a night-owl by nature, ease yourself into this tip by getting up a little earlier each day.
4.  Go to bed early.  Don't fight circadian beats.  This tip will get easier over time if you are already starting to get up earlier.  As humans, we are designed to sleep when the sun is down and be awake when it is up.  If it is just not doable, get as close to this cycle as you can.  Make as many of your sleeping hours while it is dark as possible.  
5.  Eat plant based foods. Too many preservatives can leave you feeling full, sluggish and mentally clouded. Choosing fruits or vegetables is choosing vitamins and minerals.  These types of foods are full of fiber and nutrients. 
6.  Exercise regularly. Working from home, it is easy to sit too long. Aiming for 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise at least five days a week is best.  If this is too hard to do, squeeze in ten minute bursts where you can.  Walk in place during a television commercial.  Get up from your computer chair every 30 minutes and do a few jumping jacks.  One that I do, and it may sound silly, is a 15 second squat each time I go to the bathroom.  If you are following the water tip, this will REALLY get you into shape fast!
7.  Practice yoga.  Anyone who has known me a long time knows my love of yoga. It doesn't have to be an hour of complex stuff.  A few peaceful moves can truly change your outlook. Trust me on this. It also stretches your muscles.  Again, long hours sitting (which is common when you work from home) can cause muscle stiffness.  
8. Get outside!  Fresh air will turn your mood and energy level around in a instant. Sit on your porch. Take a 5 minute walk. Walk barefoot in your yard. Anything. Open your windows whenever you can to let fresh air in but don't substitute this for time outside.  Sunshine and a breeze can give you a brand new outlook.
9. Read more!  Self development and some scripture every day. That is KEY!  Block out at least 10-15 minutes daily to spend working on YOU.  This can be watching videos online about improving your skill set, motivational readings about changing your mindset, or diving in to a self-development book.  Any successful person will tell you that daily reading is a MUST, so write it in your calendar and never skip it.
10. Make to-do lists.  I start each day with this.  Spread out my calendars and make a list. It is the simplest way to organize!  Write a title on each list.  For example, you could have a list of groceries to pick up, clients and team members to contact, and kids activities to attend.  Having a list is part of accountability.  Check off items as you go and it will give you a sense of accomplishment.  Nothing is more rewarded than a to-do list that is all checked at the end of the day.
11. Snack on healthy foods.  Don't sit by your computer inhaling chips. This brings that sluggish feeling back fast!  Dried fruit is my go to! I buy healthy snacks in bulk and every weekend portion them out into snack size baggies.  This keeps you from overindulging.  Mindless snacking at your computer or in front of the television is a bad habit and can be broken with a little planning.  Avoid buying unhealthy snacks and they won't be available when that unhealthy craving hits you.
12. Face your fears.  Are you afraid of a new idea or technique or venture?  I am here to tell you fear is the enemy. Fear is usually the main thing that stands between you and a better tomorrow. Find your fear and face it.  Watch what happens. Not only will you see new doors open, but success will suddenly be a reality.  
13.  Make a workout plan. Doesn't have to be complex.  Mine is 20 minutes on my stationary bike (while working from my phone). Follow this with 5 minutes of yoga. Planning and scheduling time makes it happen.
14.  Eat a healthy breakfast.  Mine?  Black coffee and apple slices with peanut butter.  I usually eat my breakfast while responding to yesterday's emails.  This way, saying "I don't have time for breakfast" won't be my excuse.  Eating breakfast gives you the energy to face the day and kickstarts your metabolism.  If you don't already eat breakfast, you will notice a big difference in your overall health and mood just by following this one simple tip.
15. Set goals.  I set daily, weekly and monthly goals.  I write them on the dry erase board in front of my computers. Goals help with focus and focus helps with fortune. Remember, though, your goals are not carved in stone.  I end each day re-evaluating my daily goal and revamping it if need be.  Goals can be for any area of your life but are an absolute must for business.  Without goals, how will you know if you are achieving anything?
16.  Do what makes you happy. Make sure you spend time with happy stuff.  Play with your kids.  Have a glass of wine. Crochet a scarf. I don't care what it is. Do it!  Daily!  It is easy to get so immersed and obsessed with your business, that you put yourself last.  This is a no no.  Having time that is devoted to happiness prevents the feelings of overwhelm that can lead to failure.  
17. Try new recipes. I love to cook and create.  It is a calming and rewarding thing.  Try a new recipe on the weekend.  Get your spouse and children involved.  Bonding with family over a new healthy recipe in the kitchen rejuvinates me.  If cooking really isn't your thing, take the family out to eat on Saturdays, and order something new.  

18. Stretch.  Before you exercise, stretch.  After you exercise, stretch.  When you get up in the morning and before you go to bed, stretch.  When you stand up from your chair, stretch.  Did I mention that you should stretch more?
19. Invest in a good foam roller.  Not only are these great for doing floor exercises and stretching, they can be used at the small of your back when sitting for long periods, under your knees when lying down to relieve small back pain, or behind your neck when reclining in a chair.  Resting for a few moments in a proper position can revive your mind and body and make you feel energized; ready to tackle the next big project!
20. Never stop learning. This tip cannot be stressed enough.  To grow a successful business, you should always be seeking new information.  The market changes.  Clients change.  Technology changes.  There is always more to absorb.  Look up videos on closing sales.  Read blog posts on writing ads.  When you evaluated your goals from yesterday, did you reach them?  If not, is there something you could learn today that would help you reach them in the future?  The internet is right at your fingertips!
21. Don't fear failure.  Each failure is a stepping stone. Embrace it! So many times in business, I see people give up after one set back.  Every "no" that you hear is getting you closer to your next "yes".  Every failed ad campaign is merely showing you what won't work and pushing you to what will.  Remember why you started and know that each failure is just part of the process.

22. Say no. Not every team member needs you at their disposal all day long.  You don't need to be a super hero for the PTA.  If you always say yes to everything, you are just saying no to yourself and your own business.  Don't ever become overwhelmed. If you do, however, feel overwhelmed at any time, just take a break.  I have been known to take an entire week off and not even look at my email.  Taking a break is always better than giving up!
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