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Why do people quit?

A lot of people really don't understand the concept of network marketing and how great the opportunity truly is and what it can do for your future. Unfortunately there are times where a person will join a network marketing company and then quit shortly after. Why? Well that seems to be the million dollar question for some. Why do people say they see the vision and then just quit an opportunity that is going to help them change their future over time, just to go back to a lifestyle of working at a job that they were trying to get away from in the first place? There are all sorts of reasons people quit, but below are 3 popular reasons why people quit......

1) Early Expectation

I'm not quite sure why people think that when they join a network marketing company, that they will be rich overnight. It simply just does not work like that. For everyone who has ever started a new job, when you're hired on do you get a pay raise the same day, week,, month, or even the same year in some…

Four Steps to Follow for Affiliate Marketing

There is a 4-step affiliate marketing strategy that
is used by most marketers to promote what they have to offer and is fairly simple to follow. Solve your problem first. This is a big one to discuss.  You can’t promote something if you’ve never tried it yourself first.  You MUST have bought the product or service prior to promoting it to other people.  Your prospects can sense whether or not you are being genuine so try it out for awhile, solve the problem you were looking to solve in the first place, and then move on to the second step.
2. Take Screenshots of results. People want RESULTS.  They don’t go off of here-say.  At least, most people don’t. People also are skeptics by nature so a little proof can go a LONG way.  3.Use a great marketing website. By this, I mean make it simple for your prospects to WANT to get their hands on what you have.  You must create that desire that compels them into joining your opportunity! 4. Get the website in front of target market for the product.  …

The 5 steps of sales

Have you felt like your network marketing prospecting skills are lacking?  Maybe you’re excellent at prospecting and just need to tweak some things.  Whatever it is that you’re looking to achieve, it doesn’t matter. My honest opinion is that we all have areas to improve in.  Today’s tip on prospecting skills may seem basic, but it’s essential to understanding your prospects and having them relate to you in a genuine, authentic manner.

Even the most experienced marketers sometimes have to refresh on the basics of making sales.  

Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

I am sharing 5 Steps to help you dramatically reduce feeling overwhelmed and I hope this helps you tremendously! As entrepreneurs, we feel like we can conquer the world, am I right? Maybe not.  Maybe you are  like I was a few years ago  I was feeling confused, overwhelmed, and just freaked out about all of the things home business owners do. I started helping network marketers build their business online awhile back and I would look at all of the professionals.  I’d say to myself, “Man, how are they able to get so much done in one day and say they only work a few hours a week?” It just didn’t seem possible.  I’ll tell you how.  They are LASER FOCUSED on the things they need to be doing to grow their business.  See, this world is  chaotic and full of stress.  We can’t seem to quiet our minds for even 30 minutes to get something accomplished.  I’ve written out these 5 steps as well as included a video for those of you who prefer to listen than read.
1.  Focus on ONE thing, then move on.…

I can't imagine NOT staying home

There are always so many parenting debates.  Bottle vs. Breast.  Co-sleep vs. crib.  Spanking vs. time-out.  I am not writing this to debate any of that or to even sway anyone in any direction.

When my older children were little, I always knew I wanted to give them the best life ever.  A life where they never went without and always had the most trendy toy and fashionable clothes.  Nope, my kids were not going to be wearing generic.

So, I worked many, many hours.  When I wasn't working, I was pursuing advanced degrees so I could make even more money.  There lives before middle school are a blur for me.  Yes, they always had the newest ipods and big wardrobes from the coolest stores, but I was exhausted.  When we found time to go to waterparks or beaches, I just sat around barely able to move.

When they hit middle school age, I had finished my degree and got a corporate job.  I was "running the show" and felt like I could finally put the insane hours behind me.  Silly tho…

The Four Basic Network Marketing Rules for Success

These are essential! Rule Number One: You MUST emotionally detach yourself from the outcome of talking to your prospect.  People are skeptics by nature, especially in this day and age. If you disconnect your emotions and concentrate on education and understanding, everything will be more simple for you. By understanding that you have no idea what their circumstances may be, accepting the outcome without emotion is a big plus. If you focus on getting that customer, you will be disappointed and find your prospects running the other direction.  So relax and let your confidence SHINE! TIP: . If you focus on education and understanding, you will have fun and your prospects will enjoy the experience. Rule Number Two: Be yourself… “Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.” ~ Judy Garland Many people find themselves becoming a different person when it comes to asking a potential prospect to hear about their opportunity. This can have an bad…

Becoming an Entrepreneur is easier than you think!


I have been in management and business, in one way or another, for the past 11 years.  When I decided the corporate world was no longer for me, I started with simple dollar here, dollar there websites, you know the free ones that say if you fill out a bunch of surveys you will make a lot of money..
All those did was flood my inbox and keep me broke.

I tried things like Melaleuca.  Now don't get me wrong, I liked the products but they just were not for everyone, as I soon found out. It was great for a little spending money for the month, but I was aiming to make enough money so I could be stable enough to stay home with my kids!

So what motivated me to start marketing to begin with? One thing was being stuck at home... car-less with my baby. I wanted to work but had no way to get to work or anyone to take care of her. I also had another daughter being homeschooled and didn't want to give that up. So I was making do with what I was actual…

Increase Engagement and Win!

Here are 2 BIG engagement tips:
To find interactive posts to jump on:
I'm always looking for interactive posts and conversations to jump into. One of the ways I do this is by using the SEE FIRST feature on Facebook....
I will strategically find big players in the marketing space and instead of shooting over a friend request I will follow them, when you follow them you get the option to use the SEE FIRST feature.
This allows you to see them first in your news feed. You can only select up to 30 people to SEE FIRST but what is cool about this is if you do it strategically and choose people with a lot of engagment and interactive posts, then it becomes easy to scroll through your newsfeed and find cool conversations to jump in. Once I max out my 30 people, I then will start to favorite people so I get notifications when they post. I only do this with a select few and i do it with people whose posts are SUPER interactive!
How to get MORE engagement on your posts:
From time to time, I will s…

Articles. Articles. Articles

You are in a totally advantageous position to handle incoming web traffic and phone calls now, and it’s time to think about smart, free ways to find and attract the prospects you’re looking for.
One of the simplest things you can do is to write a short article about what you do, how you do it, why you like doing it, where you do it, and why you like showing others how to do it as well.
Actually, that was six ideas that you could write an article about and post online. There are multiple benefits to publishing free articles:
You get to have an “author’s box” which is couple of sentences about you with your links and contact information.
They’re free to post – and people read them! Just because you don’t do something doesn’t mean others don’t do it. Here are nine of the top article directories that you can publish on for free:
EzineArticles GoArticles Amazines ArticleDashboard ArticleBlast ArticleAlley Buzzle iSnare TheFreeLibrary If you’ve never written an “article” read a few in the …