Four Steps to Follow for Affiliate Marketing

There is a 4-step affiliate marketing strategy that
is used by most marketers to promote what they have to offer and is fairly simple to follow.

  1.  Solve your problem first.
This is a big one to discuss.  You can’t promote something if you’ve never tried it yourself first.  You MUST have bought the product or service prior to promoting it to other people.  Your prospects can sense whether or not you are being genuine so try it out for awhile, solve the problem you were looking to solve in the first place, and then move on to the second step.

2. Take Screenshots of results.
People want RESULTS.  They don’t go off of here-say.  At least, most people don’t. People also are skeptics by nature so a little proof can go a LONG way.
 3.Use a great marketing website.
By this, I mean make it simple for your prospects to WANT to get their hands on what you have.  You must create that desire that compels them into joining your opportunity!
4. Get the website in front of target market for the product. 
Now, after your website is ready,  you can get it in front of your target market!  You can do this by posting in various Facebook groups, blogging syndication groups (if you created a blog post), Facebook PPC ads, Twitter ads, etc.  There are a variety of ways to promote your product but PLEASE be very careful if you decide to promote your guide by paying for ads.  You need to have a solid understanding or format to go off of that helps you understand exactly how to create an ad; otherwise, you will rack up thousands of dollars very quickly.  

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The 5 steps of sales

 Have you felt like your network marketing prospecting skills are lacking?  Maybe you’re excellent at prospecting and just need to tweak some things.  Whatever it is that you’re looking to achieve, it doesn’t matter. My honest opinion is that we all have areas to improve in.  Today’s tip on prospecting skills may seem basic, but it’s essential to understanding your prospects and having them relate to you in a genuine, authentic manner.

Even the most experienced marketers sometimes have to refresh on the basics of making sales.  

Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

I am sharing 5 Steps to help you dramatically reduce feeling overwhelmed and I hope this helps you tremendously! As entrepreneurs, we feel like we can conquer the world, am I right? Maybe not.  Maybe you are  like I was a few years ago  I was feeling confused, overwhelmed, and just freaked out about all of the things home business owners do.
I started helping network marketers build their business online awhile back and I would look at all of the professionals.  I’d say to myself, “Man, how are they able to get so much done in one day and say they only work a few hours a week?” It just didn’t seem possible.  I’ll tell you how.  They are LASER FOCUSED on the things they need to be doing to grow their business.  See, this world is  chaotic and full of stress.  We can’t seem to quiet our minds for even 30 minutes to get something accomplished.  I’ve written out these 5 steps as well as included a video for those of you who prefer to listen than read.

1.  Focus on ONE thing, then move on. 

When you are just getting started online, you sometimes  feel a tremendous burden to be everywhere at once.  Stop this!  It’s only hurting you!  If you decided to get started with Facebook and are starting to gain new followers, get leads, and prospect/close there, then why move on to something else just yet?  Wait until you have mastered that skill and then give yourself permission to move on.  When we move on too fast, we are only hurting ourselves and our business.  It’s tempting, I’ll admit.  When we watch a training on Instagram and hear that so and so had a tremendous amount of success really fast, we automatically want to jump over there to make things happen.  Save yourself the headache and just stick with Facebook until you are consistently (day in and day out) generating at a minimum of 50+ leads per day.
2.  Exercise.

This really doesn’t even need to be mentioned, but hey…some people need a reminder. I found when I started my home business, I would sit a whole lot more.  I was either sitting with the computer or sitting with my iPhone. Do you realize how important exercise is to your overall health and stress?  What if I told you that if you worked out 30 minutes per day that your stress would be gone? You’d probably start exercising, right?  Don’t put it off.  It’s just hurting your health and your business.  We need to schedule time in our day to take care of our bodies.
3.  Meditation/Spend time to yourself. 

When you take 10 minutes a day to meditate and just be present, you feel a sense of calmness and peace.  Maybe you’re not a fan of meditating, and if not, that’s completely fine.  I do want you ,however, to take a few minutes every day to spend time to yourself.  Do what you enjoy and step away from whatever is confusing or overwhelming you.  I promise, when you go back to it, you’ll feel like a million times better.
4. Do what you love. 

Why do you put ourselves through the pain of doing something you hate day in and day out?  If you’re in a network marketing company that isn’t serving YOU and you’ve just lost your passion, then it’s time to move on.  People sense when you’re not passionate about something.  Also, when you lose your passion, money starts creeping in on how you can “sell” this person.  They can sense that too, so do yourself a favor and start researching for a company you wholeheartedly believe in.  Think back to your past.  What was it that made you happy?  Was it the smell of candles when you walked in a room?  Was it feeling amazing after a workout and always wanting to help others live a healthy lifestyle?  Maybe it’s on the opposite spectrum.  For example, I was once a single mom and terrified to drive long distances with my children.  I was always afraid of getting stranded.  So, supporting a company that not only pays great, but gives me and many, many others peace of mind, was a good fit for me. So, learn your company.  Love your company, Think of why you joined and be sure you have that passion that will keep you going day in an day out.
5. Change your multitasking mindset. 

We are all conditioned to think that multitasking is a great thing; when in fact, it’s actually not!  Whoever came up with that idea is insane.  Multitasking only creates mass confusion and makes you feel overwhelmed.  How is it possible for someone to do their best job on something when they’re also working on 10 other things? Obviously, one of those things is going to be neglected. So put your best foot forward, schedule your time wisely, and focus on one thing.

I hope this helped someone today!

I can't imagine NOT staying home

There are always so many parenting debates.  Bottle vs. Breast.  Co-sleep vs. crib.  Spanking vs. time-out.  I am not writing this to debate any of that or to even sway anyone in any direction.

When my older children were little, I always knew I wanted to give them the best life ever.  A life where they never went without and always had the most trendy toy and fashionable clothes.  Nope, my kids were not going to be wearing generic.

So, I worked many, many hours.  When I wasn't working, I was pursuing advanced degrees so I could make even more money.  There lives before middle school are a blur for me.  Yes, they always had the newest ipods and big wardrobes from the coolest stores, but I was exhausted.  When we found time to go to waterparks or beaches, I just sat around barely able to move.

When they hit middle school age, I had finished my degree and got a corporate job.  I was "running the show" and felt like I could finally put the insane hours behind me.  Silly thought.

The demands of the job required at least ten hours in the office, many hours of commute and even more hours from home.  I barely slept.  I developed insomnia and an ulcer.

Now that they are older, I wish I could steal back all the moments I missed.  I realize that giving them a good life was not solely about "things" but about time and memories.

So in 2014, when I learned I was pregnant with my youngest daughter, I knew something had to change.

I am not writing this to complain about what being a working mom was like.  I actually applaud all working moms because I know how hard it is.  But now that I have experienced staying home, I will never change it. Why?

1.  I have never missed a "first"
2.  I get to comfort my little one when she is sick or scared
3.  I don't have to worry about her potentially being neglected or hurt in someone else's care
4.  I get to sleep when I want.  Come and go as I please.
5.  I get to EXPERIENCE every moment because I have TIME FREEDOM.

I have heard people try to say that being a stay-at home-mom means:

  • you are too lazy to work
  • you just sit around 
  • your kids are clingy and weird because they aren't "socializing"
  • you live off your husband
Well, my friends, let me be the first to say, none of this is true!

1.  I work my home business all day.  Although it is simple, and done from my phone, I am still WORKING!

2.  Even though I do like to watch my soap opera (guilty pleasure), I am never sitting around.  My little one, my 16 year old, and I spend most days exploring, walking, playing, and just experiencing LIFE.  

3.  My daughter is anything but clingy.  I actually believe we have loved her into bravery.  She is the most social and courageous child I have ever met.  She will walk up to anyone and give them a huge smile and "hello" followed by a hug and a choppy toddler conversation.  To be honest, I wish she was a bit more introverted sometimes:)

4.  I don't live off my husband, lol.  We both contribute to the household, but to be honest, I am actually earning more than him with my home business.  

To each his own.  I just find myself feeling joyful and blessed that I found this opportunity and it has afforded me the luxury of being home and having my life back!  Each day that I help another do the same is more rewarding than the last.  

The Four Basic Network Marketing Rules for Success

These are essential!

Rule Number One:

You MUST emotionally detach yourself from the outcome of talking to your prospect. 
People are skeptics by nature, especially in this day and age. If you disconnect your emotions and concentrate on education and understanding, everything will be more simple for you. By understanding that you have no idea what their circumstances may be, accepting the outcome without emotion is a big plus.
If you focus on getting that customer, you will be disappointed and find your prospects running the other direction.  So relax and let your confidence SHINE!
TIP: . If you focus on education and understanding, you will have fun and your prospects will enjoy the experience.

Rule Number Two:

Be yourself… “Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.” ~ Judy Garland
Many people find themselves becoming a different person when it comes to asking a potential prospect to hear about their opportunity. This can have an bad effect  It only makes others uncomfortable. Just be yourself, just work on being your best self.

Rule Number Three:

Have some passion in what you do. Having enthusiasm can be contagious… people love to be around the positive, enthusiastic type of person.
It is alright to get a little bit fired up when speaking to people.  I have seen many people sign up in a person’s business due to the enthusiasm that the representative portrayed. Be sure not to go overboard and scare people with your enthusiasm; stay focused.

TIP: Smile when you are on typing or voice messaging. I assure you, your positive emotion will translate into better results. Smiling helps your voice to sound friendly, warm, and receptive and does the same for your tone.
– – – Some telemarketing companies are so convinced of the value of smiling when talking on the phone that they have installed mirrors above the telemarketers’ desks to remind them to smile.

Rule Number Four:

Have a strong confidence. In my opinion, Rule #1, emotionally detaching yourself from the outcome, and having confidence go hand in hand. Having  confidence is the inability to be discouraged or swayed. It’s inability to be affected by those that are negative about the network marketing opportunity being presented to them.
To acquire true self confidenceyou have to feel beneath no one, be immune to criticism and be fearless.” ~ Deepak Chopra
If you are easily discouraged by a person in regards to this opportunity, it means that you lack a  confidence. If you have ever watched a professional network marketer, you will have noticed that they are strong, confident and bold with their message. You won’t find them apologizing or defending their position or opportunity.

Not allowing yourself to be affected by an outcome, being yourself, having enthusiasm and passion, and finally, having a strong, unshakable confidence will take some time to perfect. Like anything in life, being aware of areas that could use improvement is the first step… then practice, practice, practice.
There is one quality which one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to possess it.” ~ Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich
Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do, and that often means living outside the limits of one’s comfort zone.” ~ Jeff Olson, The Slight Edge

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Becoming an Entrepreneur is easier than you think!

I have been in management and business, in one way or another, for the past 11 years. 
When I decided the corporate world was no longer for me, I started with simple dollar here, dollar there websites, you know the free ones that say if you fill out a bunch of surveys you will make a lot of money..
All those did was flood my inbox and keep me broke.

I tried things like Melaleuca.  Now don't get me wrong, I liked the products but they just were not for everyone, as I soon found out. It was great for a little spending money for the month, but I was aiming to make enough money so I could be stable enough to stay home with my kids!

So what motivated me to start marketing to begin with? One thing was being stuck at home... car-less with my baby. I wanted to work but had no way to get to work or anyone to take care of her. I also had another daughter being homeschooled and didn't want to give that up. So I was making do with what I was actually managing to make through offer sites and survey sites. Even made some money with email processing (not very proud to admit that.)

I soon realized, though, that I had the  knack for sales.  Seemed crazy, since my whole career had been in management and I even had a management degree!
Network marketing soon became my passion.  I spent a lot of time learning all that I could and trying to find the right company for me.  A company that had a product or service that EVERYONE needed and that I could really stand behind.

I started learning how to be a leader because  I knew i had the ability to train, and teach others.  I had always loved speaking with people, i just know people!

I searched through so many Home Business opportunities until I found the RIGHT ONE. What drew me to TVC Marketing-MCA, is that we are for EVERYONE, on top of that we have been in Business sincen 1926. A business doesn't stay in Business that long unless it has a firm, successful foundation. I did a lot of research and found that every single person can use these benefits.

Motor Club of America has Changed my life in every way. We went from me quitting my corporate career, taking a risk and having only my husband's income... to now we having two incomes and I now make more  than I did at my full time career.  I was no longer away from home a week stuck in an office!
It's all about stepping out of your comfort zone, and trusting yourself, believing in yourself. You can do this. Anyone can... it just takes the right mindset, a positive, outlook, and the ability to stick with it, even when things are not always looking up. The reality of life is, not everything is always going to be perfect... but the people who STICK with this Business, and overcome obstacles that come their way are the ones who become wealthy beyond your imagination. After all, you can't fail if you never give up. When you believe in yourself and what you are doing, you can make anything happen. Never did I believe I would be running a huge team of associates and leading so many to success working from home! It happened because I believed in myself. I knew it was going to take time, patience, and consistency. I knew I was going to have some ups and downs, but the ups out measure any of the downs I have ever had! Focus on what you want in life and take the steps to get there. That is all it takes. Believe in yourself, and your business and always be open to learning new things!

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Increase Engagement and Win!

Here are 2 BIG engagement tips:
To find interactive posts to jump on:
I'm always looking for interactive posts and conversations to jump into. One of the ways I do this is by using the SEE FIRST feature on Facebook....
I will strategically find big players in the marketing space and instead of shooting over a friend request I will follow them, when you follow them you get the option to use the SEE FIRST feature.
This allows you to see them first in your news feed. You can only select up to 30 people to SEE FIRST but what is cool about this is if you do it strategically and choose people with a lot of engagment and interactive posts, then it becomes easy to scroll through your newsfeed and find cool conversations to jump in. Once I max out my 30 people, I then will start to favorite people so I get notifications when they post. I only do this with a select few and i do it with people whose posts are SUPER interactive!
How to get MORE engagement on your posts:
From time to time, I will scroll through my timeline and find older posts that got decent engagement on them and I will either comment or like them myself or ask one of my marketing buddies to comment and like it.
What this does is takes the post and puts it at the top of all of your facebook friend's newsfeed. It keeps the post going and allows those who didn't see it before to now see it and like and comment!
Both of these are super effective!
A lot of times it is the small things that count....
The small little gestures that make you stand out from the rest...
With that said..
Do you pay attention to whose Birthday it is on your friends list? Everyday Facebook sends you notifications telling who has a Birthday from your friends list. ..
I Iove this feature. It keeps me in the loop and allows me stand out from the rest! 
One of my biggest communication secrets? I am always plugged into someone that came before me in this industry....
A mentor, an icon, or just someone who knows a little more than I do.
It is where I get inspired. I make sure I am full each morning so I have the energy to pour into others...
It's pays off to take care of yourself FIRST, so that you have the abity to help others!
Do you use the voice feature on your messenger?
If not, you should. This personalizes the conversation and allows people to see you as more real in their world. It's an awesome little feature and adds a cool little touch to your marketing.
Hope this helps!

Articles. Articles. Articles

You are in a totally advantageous position to handle incoming web traffic and phone calls now, and it’s time to think about smart, free ways to find and attract the prospects you’re looking for.
One of the simplest things you can do is to write a short article about what you do, how you do it, why you like doing it, where you do it, and why you like showing others how to do it as well.
Actually, that was six ideas that you could write an article about and post online. There are multiple benefits to publishing free articles:
You get to have an “author’s box” which is couple of sentences about you with your links and contact information.
They’re free to post – and people read them! Just because you don’t do something doesn’t mean others don’t do it. Here are nine of the top article directories that you can publish on for free:
If you’ve never written an “article” read a few in the related categories you’ll find on these sites. You’ll get an idea quick. Think about having a conversation with your potential prospects. Don’t try to write what you think the want to hear – write what you want them to know about you and whatever your subject is. Tell it like it is! Make them want to learn more about so you and you’ll attract the like-minded people you’re looking for.
You can expect a slow but constant flow of traffic from your articles. Write more articles, get more traffic! This is a “Free” activity you can do. Commit to write one article a week for a month to post and see how you do!
It’s all about the Author’s Bio
When people read an article, they tend to look at the author’s bio – it’s just what people do! Take a look at some other articles you see on these article sites and get ideas of how authors leverage them, particularly on popular articles.


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