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Tips to Manage Your Time

If you are like most people you don’t have much time to devote to anything else. You are working a full-time job and trying to make some extra money with a network marketing company and it seems all of your time is consumed. The key to time management and to build a long term business is consistency. It’s not about spending all of your waking hours in a day on your business. It is about being productive with them time that you have and do this over and over again. You really only need 1 hour per day to devote to your company. The great thing about social media is you can work at your business early in the morning or late at night. Or anytime that you find the time. Below I discuss a powerful daily method of operation that you should concentration on in that hour. Spend 5-10 minutes a day finding high quality prospects to talk to.This by far is the most important step. Make sure you look at your prospects profile. See what they are posting. You are looking for leaders, not just people. If …

10 traits of a successful person

What separates successful people from everyone else? Here is a short video with my thoughts on that:
Remember, if you want to see success, you have to be responsible, accountable, persistent, and determined.  Keep your eye on your goals and keep moving forward.  It is really that simple! Whether you succeed or fail in business is completely up to you.  Choose to win and you will win every time!

Attitude Really IS EVERYTHING!

You hear it time and again.  Attitude is everything.  And maybe in your most apprehensive or negative moments you think it can't be true.

Well folks, IT IS TRUE!

Have you ever spent a small amount of time around someone who is very anxious or angry? In only a short time, you begin to feel anxious and angry too.  Or on the other end, spent time around someone who just can't stop laughing.  Next thing you know, you are laughing too.

In business, it is the same.  If you act negatively, think negatively, or act unsuccessful, guess what happens?  People watching you feel that joining you would be a negative experience and that they wouldn't be successful either.  And trust me when I say, people can detect negativity a mile away!

So, what do you do to combat that feeling of apprehension, impatience, or feeling like you just can't do it?

It starts with affirmations.  Write these down.  Read them out loud.  Sound silly?  Try it!  It works!

Altering my behavior is as simple as …

Why do people quit?

A lot of people really don't understand the concept of network marketing and how great the opportunity is and what it can do for their future. Unfortunately there are times when a person will join a network marketing company and then quit shortly after. Why? Well that seems to be the million dollar question for some. Why do people say they see the vision and then just quit an opportunity that is going to help them change their future over time, just to go back to a lifestyle of working at a job that they were trying to get away from in the first place? There are all sorts of reasons people quit, but below are 3 popular reasons why people quit......

1) Early Expectation

I'm not quite sure why people think that when they join a network marketing company, that they will be rich overnight. It just does not work like that. For everyone who has ever started a new job, when you're hired on do you get a pay raise the same day, week,, month, or even the same year in some cases? Nope.…

You have to offer value!

Let's just get right to the point today.  People join people.  Sounds simple right?  It actually is.People join people, not companies – most people are not even listening to a word you or I say to them; they’re simply looking at who else you’re working with – or not working with. Understanding this SIMPLE principle will take you to he very top. People want to belong and be accepted.

When people want to belong, they’ll do the same things everyone else is doing; because they want to be accepted by the group.  They want others to speak well of them in this group of people they decided to partner up with. Because they are now doing the right things, they will get results they’re after – and this is why your success is hugely dependant on your ability, and willingness to fully commit to and join ‘the group’.

Duplication is the advice that I hear from many marketing leaders and that I always give to others. Whatever your sponsor or upline did that attracted you to the business, DUPLICAT…

5 tips and things to avoid when Marketing on Facebook

This may come as old news to many of you, but this is for the person who is new to social media or feels that they’re just spinning their wheels.  This topic is crucial to go over because of the endless profiles I have seen lately that are just branding their company, not the individual.
Tip #1: Cover Photo
Is your cover photo on your Facebook page branded to you or to your company?  This can mean on your personal profile or on your Facebook fan page.  Both are critical to have so look in both areas. Think about it this way; if your company goes out of business tomorrow and you just throw a new banner up for every company you decide to join, people start to not trust you.  That’s  not how you want to be viewed, right?  People do business with people they know, like, and trust; so, it’s important that people get to know YOU, not what company you’re in based on your cover photo. Another quick tip.  Be sure you actually HAVE a cover pic!  Have you ever gotten friend requests from someone wi…

Grow your Following. Grow your Business

To have a successful online business, you need to grow your following.  Here are some of my tips to do just that!

1. Create compelling and useful content: This is important when trying to generate more followers. Offer tip, advice, motivation.  Your followers need a REASON to follow you.
2. Test and learn: The best way to find out what works best is to test the market with different options. If you post a specific type of content and don't see an increase in following, test something new.
3. Engage with others. People like to engage with people that engage with them.  Take a few moments each day to comment on other's posts, tweets, and pics.
4. Offer something for free.  There are lots of freebies online.  Find a few good articles and e-books and offer them occassionally to your audience.
5. Answer questions: Create a Q&A and encourage your followers to ask questions. Interactive posts can really help.
6. Publicize your social presence: Include social media icons and links in as…

Write a GREAT ad

Writing a good ad is a MUST HAVE skill for network marketers.  It is easy to just copy pictures from your company and spam them all over the place.  I am here to tell you that is not the way to do it.

Ads are not designed to sell.  Ads should be a way to get attention and have the audience wanting or even needing to know more.  You are drawing them in so they learn about your company through YOU!
Remember, people join people.  People are buying you more than your product or service.  
A few tips when writing an ad:
1.   The headline should be eye catching. 2.  Grammar and spelling should be checked before posting. 3.  Make the overall ad appealing by avoiding being too lengthy or too short. 4.  Use bullets and appropriate emoticons.  No flowers or smiley faces. 5.  Use ONE PIC per ad.
Check out my video for more tips and HAPPY PROSPECTING!!

Don't be afraid of the phone

Nowadays, people are addicted to their phones.  We even sleep with them!  New marketers have no problem tweeting, sending an email, texting their sponsor, or sending an instant message, but when it comes to calling prospects they often become terrified!   I have a few tips that helped me to overcome those fears and I hope they help you too. Understand that by calling your leads/prospects, this builds trust!  Without using the phone, your prospect may not even believe you’re a real person.  Think about it.  Don’t you always feel more comfortable after talking to someone on social media and moving it to the phone?Open With a Question: When someone calls you out of the blue, don’t they always ask, “hey, how are ya?”.  If you open the conversation in this way, you will ease the prospects tension and susceptibility of why you’re calling.  This leads right into the next point.Be authentic!  Everyone loves authenticity.  If you’re not being this way on the phone, it’s probably because you’re…

Tax season is approaching!

What a lot of people don't know is that as a home based business owner, we are able to use things as tax deductions that most people are not able to use. For instance, did you know that if you have a home based business that requires a monthly fee that you can claim that on your taxes? Got a cell phone that you run your business on? Tax deduction! Any business travel that you've taken? Tax deduction! Did you buy furniture for your business/office? Yep, you guessed it. Tax deduction!

With tax season coming up, I created this list of tax deductions for all you home based business owners. Be sure to start gathering all your receipts that you will need for your taxes!!

Accounting fees
Auto expenses
Bad debts that you cannot collect
Banking fees
Board meetings
Building repairs and maintenance
Business association membership dues
Business travel
Cafeteria health-insurance plan (requires plan)
Charitable deductions made for a business purpose
Cleaning/janitorial services

Remove the word "scam" from your vocabulary!


Any network marketer will tell you that this word sends a bit of an angry feeling through them.  I would rather hear the F word.

In my primary business, and also in my mentoring business, I speak to hundreds of people everyday. So, It is not uncommon for me to hear this word many times daily.  Normally, I take a cleansing breath, and then explain the true meaning of the word and why they are misguided in using it.  That is on a normal day.  Today, I just needed to step out of my "professional" persona and VENT!

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Boost your attraction!

Tips Tuesday!! 
This was shared in a group I'm in and I wanted to share with you but thought it might be a cool excercise in video exposure and crafting our stories for our audience!! 
How to Boost Your Attraction-Factor: #FinancialWellness
Being “attractive” is the name of the game in growing any business.
Whether a large corporation, or a one-woman-show, a blogger, etc. you won’t sell a thing if you aren’t attractive to your potential customers…right? (we know this)
Your “attraction factor” is the foundation for: 1. Building your audience, your warm market 2. Establishing yourself as an authority 3. Ultimately generating leads, sales and signups in your business
So how do you go about accomplishing this? How do you make yourself more attractive in the market place?
All of us in this group are attractive...but no it’s not about hair and makeup or physical appearance ;-)
There’s a psychology to it and I will share with you some key elements in boosting your "Attraction Facto…

How to get people to join you over the competition

Doesn’t it get frustrating when you talk with prospects and you have them on the verge of saying yes to what you’re offering and then the next thing you know, BAM, they join with someone else who is in your company?  Let’s find out ways to prevent that from happening.  You always want to position yourself as the authority figure especially in online marketing because people will do business with LEADERS, not unprofessional people.  You want to be someone that STANDS OUT.

In this video, I give you some very important tips on how to have people want to join you and not your competition.  Be sure to take notes and start implementing them and I bet you see a difference.  Always remember, Facebook is not a billboard for your products or opportunity.  People are there to connect and build relationships.  It may take some time to get past this mindset if you’re used to doing business this way, but I promise you, you will thank yourself for changing your habits and not just pitching your busin…

Write a "Killer" Call to Action

Watch this video to the end for a CHANCE TO WIN A BMW!

Got your attention, right?

Use a strong command verb to start your Call To Action! It's all about being clear and concise.Use words that provoke emotion or enthusiasm.Give your audience a reason why they should take the desired action. ...Don't be afraid to get a little creative. .

A call to action is what you want your audience to do:
click the link
share the video
comment below
share this post
reply to the email.

Why I choose residual income!

****THE 1ST OF THE MONTH SUCKS!!!!!!****
Most bills are residual.
They come every month.
Usually due on the first.

97% of the people don't have a residual
income. If they stop working, the money
stops. If they get fired, the bills don't
stop coming. The 97% don't even have at
least (6) months of living expenses saved.

Your bills are residual.
You need a residual income that EXCEEDS
your bills. You need to live on less than
what you earn and save at least 10%.

Get in control or lose to someone who is!

The first of the month ...

For most people it sucks!

Right at the end of the month, they start
to get a knot in their stomach, thinking
about having to pay bills on the first.

They have NO EXTRA MONEY and they are
already behind with PAST DUE bills that
are waiting to be paid.

Especially people who only see a paycheck
twice a month. THAT'S IT! Twice a month!

But anyway ...

It's that time again.

The first of the month!

Did you pay all your bills and now you're broke?


Accountability Tips

I know what it’s like to set goals and then feel like you may not reach them.  This is why accountability is SO important to your success!  Consistency will get results but if you lack accountability and need it, then it’s going to be difficult to reach your goals.

Just remember, only YOU can create the success you want to have.  I’m going to show you 9 tips to hold yourself accountable, but if none of these are ‘your thing’ then do your best to find a way to get it done!  No one can do it for you.

It’s fairly easy to hold yourself accountable and in the video below I’m going to show you how.

9 Tips to Hold Yourself Accountable

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A couple social media tips!

Types of Content to Post on Social Media: 
Ever wonder what exactly to post on social media that is considered ‘valuable content’? There are times when you may overthink things, but the majority of the time, you probably just don’t know exactly what to post on a daily basis.  If you aren’t aware, consistency is extremely important if you’re building your business on social media.
 If you are going to be out of town for the weekend, schedule your posts so you don’t have to worry about it but whatever you do, don’t neglect it altogether.

Be inspirational.  Be motivational.  Share about your life without being dull or controversial.  You want people to be attracted to you and people are attracted to success, happiness, and inspiring posts.
People want to know that you are human.  No one wants to see spammy ads all day.  Share the fun that you have in your life.  You don't want to have all one type of post.  You want to share the journey your on so that people want to embark on that journ…

Quitting is NOT an option!

Failing Is an Option Quitting Is Not: “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another without the loss of enthusiasm”.  Are you able to confidently say that you can fail over and over and over again and not give up?  Can you say that you still have the enthusiasm to keep going even when the times get tough?  THIS is how true entrepreneurs are able to accomplish their goals and reach levels they never dreamt possible. Start today to understand that failure is a part of the process and everyone goes through it.  It’s a learning process but when you fail and pick yourself back up again, you will build your resilience.  You’ll know that because you failed, you will get back up again and possibly fail another and another, but you know what?  You won’t QUIT.

Need leads?

How to get leads on the Internet. Getting leads on the Internet may take a lot less work than you thought. Gathering information to keep you proceeding is key in this business, and MLM marketing companies. Stop working your butt off and getting nowhere. Start using a more efficient way of succeeding and getting commissions. Something isn’t working right you’re doing it wrong. Try things out for about a week or so, if no results happen, change up your routine, your posts or tactic. If you keep posting the same post over and over again and you’re wondering why you haven’t gotten sales it’s obviously the post right? Make sure you’re posting in the right areas on craigslist to help not getting flagged. Posting on Facebook regularly, add yourself to the appropriate FB groups for your company to build  on. Make sure you are doing a blog and a video every single day if you want to become successful in MLM business. Video blogs and regular blogs are the most beneficial way to create traffic t…