STOP caring what other people THINK of you

A key to success is learning to let go an not let negative things bother you.  I have spoken often on mindset.  This is along the same lines.
Before I start, let me tell you a bit of my background story. I grew up almost like the shy, insecure, paranoid girl who was scared of every move I made. I was always  worrying that someone was going to think poorly of me and talk about me behind my back.  It’s not a pleasant situation and a lot of people growing up have been there before.  Adolescence is a tricky developmental stage in life and we all know how mean girls can be!  I will say that I pride myself on deeply and genuinely caring about others, but before I learned to let go, that just led to being taken advantage of. Luckily, I know better now…but growing up, I never knew how to speak up for myself which eventually lead to a lot of other problems during my adolescence.
I woke up one morning and said that’s it.  I’m done doing this.  It’s destroying my emotional health, my mental health, and my course in life. I started practicing what I’m going to be talking with you about today.
I want to help you STOP caring what others think of you!  It’s a nasty cycle to be in and you’ll be heading down a dangerous road if that’s all you seem to be worried about.
Tip #1:
First of all, recognize that you are doing more than 80-90% of the population just by recognizing the importance of being in business for yourself and the power of residual income.  The reason most people are not interested in network marketing is that it sounds too good to be true and then they write it off as a scam.  The words "time freedom", "financial freedom" actually scare them.  You are above the average mindset. You, yes YOU, are making a difference in this world and you deserve all of the above things I mentioned.  We ALL do.

Tip #2

Second, people that have the time to make nasty comments often do not think highly of themselves to begin with. They lack confidence and feel the need to take it out on someone else who is doing something to better their life. When someone decides to comment on a post you make on social media or tell you in person that they think it’s foolish that you are running a home-based business, tell them, “well, thank you.  I appreciate your concern; however, I am an adult and can make my own informed decisions.  I appreciate the input!”  I believe that should quiet them down. It has worked with me.
Tip #3
Stop apologizing!  I’m not saying that if you’re are truly in the wrong to not apologize. But, often, people are apologizing to people for being themselves.  Please, please, please, stop!  This will start to train your subconscious mind that something is wrong with you for feeling the need to apologize for everything and to everyone.  Take a breather, tell yourself that you are totally worth of fulfilling your deepest desires and dreams in life, and release the need to apologize.
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