Boost your Brain Power

Have you ever had that feeling of “overwhelm” and “frustration” knowing that you should be doing one thing, but instead you can’t focus at all? This blog post, I hope, will give you some amazing pointers on 4 quick tips to boost brain power and get more done.


Rest Your Brain and Reboot.

Quiet your mind for just 5 minutes a day.  This can greatly improve your results including your decision making, problem solving, and productivity. Your mind will thank you for the silence! Maybe you take those 5 minutes to meditate and focus on turning off your brain for those few moments.  Maybe you close your eyes and visualize you sitting on the beach with your favorite cocktail (that’s where my mind is at 100%! haha).  Whatever you choose, there is no right or wrong, just focus.2. Focus on one task at a time.
As hard as it is, try not to multi-task.  As humans, we feel the need to do everything at once and love hearing ourselves say that we’re able to multitask!  It’s not a great thing though, so when you have your list of things to do, set aside a scheduled time to focus solely on ONE thing.
Prioritize Your daily to-do list.
When you schedule your to-do list (which I recommend starting to plan out the night before), be sure to have your two most important things that need to be done FIRST.  The things following that should be done soon after but not until your two priorities are done
Say NO to the status-quo!
Who likes status quo anyways? Be different!  (I’m not suggesting you get fired by going against your boss’s rules), but as entrepreneurs, we all have our own way of doing things and we have to remember that everyone works differently.  Mix it up and find a new approach to doing things; things that will be more productive to you in the end.  What’s the payoff?  A healthier brain and a more creative YOU!


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