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How to Succeed in Network Marketing

To be long term in this industry you need thick skin. You need to be able to motivate yourself (not your sponsor's job)
You need to be able to ignore the negative and find solutions.
You need to be able to let go of people who are toxic.
You need to be able to pass up opportunities to focus on yours.
You need to be coachable; as this industry evolves so should you.
You need to be indifferent when people quit.
You need to be able to say NO.
You need to be able to take a NO.
You need to be able to take criticism from people who don't get it.
You need to be able to be blamed at times even though it is not you.
You need to be able to learn from experience.
You need to be able to take risks. These are a few things I learned and have worked on since my 3 years in this industry and I would strongly suggest to work on self development and people skills daily. Working on YOU is the best thing you can ever do and if you don't, you wont last. What are you reading or listening to to make you …

Strategies to Become More Productive

Strategies to Become More Productive0 Productivity Strategies Have you ever felt like the more you work the less you get done?  Staying energized, focused and productive at work can seem impossible, especially during that mid-afternoon slump.  You know the one — the 2 p.m. crash that not even a Starbucks run or a hastily chugged Red Bull or Monster can cure.  Productivity is not only about achieving more in less time.  Here are some strategies you may be overlooking on your quest to be more productive. Failure to plan is planning to fail.  You must set goals and tasks for the day, week, month, quarter and for the year.   Make out a schedule for the day.   if you’re not in charge of your calendar and your schedule, your clients and your business will be — and that’s never a productive way to run your business! First decide on your work hours for the week.  Be honest: When do you want to start and when do you want to stop each day of the week? As a business owner, you have to be the …

Instagram Likes, How to get Likes and Follows

Instagram Likes, How to get Likes and Follows

You probably already have an Instagram account for personal use.  Maybe you even have one for business.

Are you only seeing 5-10 likes on each picture?  Are you rarely seeing people comment?

You probably just don't know the correct way to post!  Instagram has algorithms just like Facebook.  So to get your posts seen, liked and commented on, you have to know the tricks!

Check out my inside tip:

Social Media Marketing Strategy

If you don’t have a social media strategy for your business then you are just flying by the seat of your pants.  Are you sitting around and wondering why you don’t have any followers?  No people interacting on your stuff.  If you lack a social media strategy, then you are probably struggling with these things.

Create “Smart” Social Media GoalsDefine what your clear goals are.  Align your goals with your core business values.  Start writing down your goals.  Make them specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time based.  For example, one of your goals might be to increase your brand awareness in a key market.  Another example, convert 30% of your prospects into sales through social media.  Audit Your Social MediaConduct an audit of your social media account.  This will give you an understanding  of your current use.  You want to know what works for your audience.  Are you providing the right content for your audience, who is connecting with you? Check out the competition and see wh…