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Trading time for money is a fool's game.
That's what working a 9-5 that you don't like is..
When your earning is bound by the hours in the day, you're putting a cap on your income.
Here enters internet marketing... This is the perfect avenue to get you out of that time/income warp.
If you gotta stick to your job now to take care of the bills, that's cool. But make sure that your internet marketing side hustle is creeping up behind your job income.
That's what you're on this list for. And that's what I'm here for.
If you want to consider me a drill sergeant, I'm cool with that.

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What Does Freedom Look Like To You?

WHAT DOES FREEDOM REALLY MEAN TO YOU? Freedom means different things to different people. It might be: - to spend time with family and friends? - to work where you want, when you want? - to not have to worry about money? - to travel when and where you want? - to live where you want

What is your definition?  What changes are you making in your life to get your freedom?
My freedom came to me when I was working over 60+ hours a week! While I was researching a way to make money, I came across an ad for the Text Message Processing, just like you, I was curious so I watched the videos, worked  and decided to never work for anyone else again. Now, thanks to Digital Processors freedom is:
- no more 50 mile plus commute (each way), over 2-1/2 hours a day - no more morning alarm clock - no more office meetings - my office is in my house, so I can dress as I want - if I want time off for errands, emergencies or vacation, I don't have to ask the boss …
It has definitely been a productive day today! I'm about to go to my kick boxing class BUT before I do so, I wanna show you something . ;) 
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