Self Forgiveness

So one of the devotionals I keep forever in my binder is on forgiveness.

Not on forgiveness of others, but forgiveness of myself.

I know, I know...we are supposed to forgive others.  That isn't something I struggle with quite as bad.  What my big issue is, is forgiving ME.

I find myself saying "How is it that Jesus truly can forgive me, when what I have done is something I can't stop beating myself up over?"

But here is the beauty of that....

He isn't keeping score!!


In Jeremiah 31:34 it says "I WILL REMEMBER YOUR SIN NO MORE"

When we ask for God’s forgiveness based upon Christ having already paid for our sins and  having trusted in Him as Savior and Lord, He forgives us. It is as simple as that. I fall short and he just keeps forgiving me and loving me. 

How wonderful is that? 

I guess I just need to remind myself a little more.  The sooner I let go of the things I have done, the sooner I can embrace all that He is doing in my life. <3. 

 And Knowing I have a Savior that is so great and so awesome to accept me as I am and forgive me just draws me even closer to Him day after day! 

So yep, this page is staying in my binder:)

Comment below if you have a page that you keep in your binders or if you have any thoughts on things that stay in your journals.  Would love to hear from ya.


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