Hey Everyone!

It is Almost Christmas!

I am so joyful I can hardly sit still!  What a precious gift we celebrate!  The gift of salvation!  The only way to eternity spent with our loving Father in Heaven.  Without Jesus there would be NO OTHER WAY!  My heart just sings when I think of how undeserved and awesome that gift is.
I am so full of love and joy it is truly spilling right out of me😍

I know I said that we would be doing monthly giveaways, but I thought we could do one for Christmas!

As always, I will choose the winner LIVE on Instagram at 
8 AM.  This time it will be on Christmas EVE (Holly Jolly)
I will use a number generator and choose randomly from the people who comment on the post.
Feel free to invite any friends you think would be blessed by this group as well.  These giveaways will continue monthly while we read through the Bible to help keep everyone motivated, encouraged and uplifted<3.  When we invited people, we are helping to share God's love and His Word💖  

So I am giving away a brand new copy of this devotional: 

This is an awesome devotional that I have used and was so blessed by.  You can check it out below:


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