My prayer for you

I have a true love for each of the group members.  And when I pray each day, I include you and here is what I pray for.  For you to: 
  • speak the words you need to hearđź’–
  • have gratitude with each breath you takeđź’–
  • build dreams with your faithđź’–
  • embrace yourself with kindnessđź’–
  • find wisdom, not shame, from your pastđź’–
  • choose peace instead of angerđź’–
  • uncover courage beneath your fearsđź’–
  • accept your mistakes with humilityđź’–
  • practice forgiveness to heal all your woundsđź’–
  • see the beauty in your imperfectionsđź’–
  • find God's love to fill all the spaces within your heartđź’–

May your day be filled with joy and blessings.

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