Read the Bible in a Year - Deuteronomy 1

This week complaining was the topic that hopped off the page at me.  How often do we get stuck on the circumstance that we are in and forget to see everything else...including God?  Check out this weeks video.

Live and Let Live

A simple phrase that most people have heard at least once in their lives. The problem is that many people don’t practice it. Oh, they want everybody to let them live their lives as they see fit. That’s not the problem. The true problem is that many people just can’t stand to let other people make their own decisions especially when they think those decisions are wrong😉

As I share my thoughts here remember we’re talking about people who are not your children living in your home. Obviously, you as the parent should be making some decisions for your children. If they were totally capable of making their own decisions they wouldn’t need parents. The same would hold true for someone you were a guardian to.

Now, with all the disclaimers out of the way let’s look at the issue. People can and will make the decisions that affect their lives. Even if these decisions are morally wrong or harmful to themselves they still will make them. Sometimes you just have to accept it then get over it and move on. Every day I see people make terrible decisions. There are times that there is nothing I can do about it. When I can do all things that might influence it, and I do, but I can’t change it. That is the point at which I have to realize that it is time to let God take over. 

So, now you will ask: do I pray for them? I do. Remember this—even God doesn’t force people to change their minds. He lets them make their own decisions. It’s that free will thing He created us with. Prayer is good though; in fact it’s vital. God will move circumstances to make them take another look at the situation. He will cause things they have heard to come back to them over and over. But He will not force them to change. I can also offer advice but that doesn’t mean they have to listen to it.

My point? You can't take it personal when someone doesn't take your advice.  Remember, it is in God's hands, their hands, not yours. Give it to God and give yourself a break💖

Lord, please remind us when we forget, to live and let live. Amen!

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